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My #BlogHer13 – Yep, I’m Naming Names!

I’m back home from Chicago. BlogHer13 was, not surprisingly, a colossal success. Mel and I managed to have fun AND get some real work done at the same time. I just love it when that happens.

  • We’ve got some incredible products to review. (Monster Inspiration and Kiss Products, can you hear me?)
  • We made a lot of new friends … (Thanks, Ulta, for picking us to interview Wendi McLendon-Covey!)
  • … and business contacts. (High five, White Cloud!)
  • We even got a little writing done together. (Our August article is ready, Manilla!)

But there is always room for improvement. So, naturally, I made a list.


  1. Elleroy Was Here is dressing me. As cool as I tried to look this year, this lady always outdid me. Seriously, she is one of the coolest in the biz. (Nicest, too.)
  2. Skew the Jen Mold is calling all my shots. I’ve never met someone more decisive so I’m handing her the keys in 2014. (God speed, Jen.)
  3. The Spin Cycle is teaching me some of her magic tricks. Picture it. A solid white dress, an exploded red wine bottle and not a single drop on her. Her sleight of hand was incredible. I recommend you reserve your seats for the show now. We’re gonna be better than Siegfried & Roy! (I get to be Roy, Susan.)
  4. My Life & Kids and Kelley’s Break Room are going to facilitate the BlogHer After Hours sessions. I expect a power point presentation along with the demonstration next year, ladies. (And snacks.)
  5. The Sisterhood of the Sensible Moms is hosting the opening ceremonies. They introduced me to most of my posse for the entire weekend. (I’m still sorry I taught that kid one of my PG13 words at the Expo, Erin.)
  6. Leigh Bones is doing my hair. Anyone who saw her Friday night will know why. (Leigh, can mine be rainbow? Oooh! Or ablaze? The Blogger on Fire!)
  7. The Cat Lady Sings is going to tell everyone she’s older than me. And you guys are all gonna just nod and act like you believe her. (Right?)
  8. Parties for Pennies is riding between Mel and me on the shuttle whenever we’re “broken.” That cheerful little person had no idea what she was getting herself into when she sat down beside me. I’m pretty sure she heard my life story from age 12 on. (Remember to pick your seat mate more wisely next year, Heidi.)
  9. Thoughts From Paris is carrying me on his shoulders throughout the Expo so I can see everything and maybe go head-to-head with Optimus Prime. That dude is huge. (I’m talking about DJ. I think he was actually taller than the spacebot.)
  10. According To Mags is serving as my wingman, co-cheese eater, technology tutor, talk show co-host, handholder, stunt-double, evil twin or whatever the situation calls for. Why fix it if it isn’t broken, right?

Honestly, these ladies (and DJ … sorry, DJ) were just the tip of the “great people iceberg.” But I promised myself I’d limit it to ten people I just met. (The exception being Mel who, for the second year running, didn’t abscond with my kidney while I slept.) Because I have two kids, a spouse and two furry, little vermin, all of whom I’ve neglected since Thursday. And I’ve missed them terribly.

Suffice it to say, I met a lot of great people last weekend. And I loved all of them. (Fine, fine. Most of them.) And now … I’m off to unpack my suitcase FULL of product samples.


This is what BlogHer is all about, Charlie Brown.



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