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TWELVE Of My Favorite Elvis Songs

Remember how Viv and I are doing a play? Called All Shook Up? And it’s all set to Elvis music. Yeah? Well, guess what today’s list is going to be about?


1. All Shook Up. Because it was used to title the amazing activity in which my daughter and I are immersed right now.

2. Hound Dog. Because it was the first Elvis song I ever heard. When I heard it performed, it was actually being sung by a girl doing an impersonation in a talent show. I was completely floored.

3. Blue Suede Shoes. Because it’s my daughter’s favorite dance number in the play.  Her smile illuminates the whole stage for me. (Bonus: We both now own a pair.)

4. Are You Lonesome Tonight? Because I’ve always liked it and (fine, I’ll admit it) I also like the version sung by Dwayne Johnson in a kids’ movie called Game Plan

5. Blue Christmas. Because it’s always been one of my quintessential Christmas songs.

6. Come on Everybody. Because of, duh, Ann-Margret and this video.

7. Don’t be Cruel. Because of the first five repeating notes on the guitar. Love it.

8. Can’t Help Falling in Love With You. Because it was the first song we danced to as husband and wife at my wedding. And the band totally played it by accident.

9. Jailhouse Rock. Because of this video. Classic Young Elvis.

10. Burning Love. Because it closes out the play with a bang every night.

11. Suspicious Minds. Because it’s always just been a very Vegas-y song to me. And because Uncle Jesse did a pretty great tribute to it on a show whose name I refuse to mention.

12. Viva Las Vegas. Because of the opening riff. It’s just a great song.

Editor’s Note: Yes. I love Elvis. He’s an icon. But … in the age-old Beatles vs. Elvis dispute, my heart will always be with the Fab Four. God Save the Queen.


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