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The 7 Things I Envy About My Mother

Athleticism. We all know I have none. I’ve never scored a home run or a turkey or anything like that in my life. But she has. I guess that’s where Vivien gets it from.

Self-discipline. She eats anything she wants, always in moderation, and manages to stay slim. I’ve watched her break a Nutter Butter in half and wrap up the remaining portion for later. While I slug back five. With chocolate milk. And extra peanut butter slathered on top.

Talent. Alright, fine. I have some of my own. But I’m talking about piano here. Like her own mother and grandmother, she plays circles around me. And always will.

Spirituality. Yes, I have my beliefs. But I’m just not as firmly rooted in them as she is. And sometimes I think that blind faith would offer a pretty amazing comfort in my life.

Career. Even after becoming a mother, she never stopped working. I chose to quit. No regrets. But I have so much respect for the fact that she did everything I’ve done all these years while also holding down a job at the same time.

Drive. Whatever she wants to do, she does it. Even if she can only take a baby step each day to get there. She will always reach her finish line. Always.

Mentorship. She’s been a teacher her whole life. For everything from English, Literature, French, Fine Arts and Music. I’ve even seen her teach Latin to my son, although she never actually took the class herself. Some people just have that innate ability. And she is one of them.


I love you, Mom

* * * * * * * * * *

This post was written in response to two writing prompts. (Go, me.) The first is from MamaKat who asks us to list 7 qualities your mother has that you wish you had, too. And the second is from TrifectaWriting who asks us to write something in 333 words or less using the following word & definition : turkey – three successive strikes in bowling.