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The Back to School ABCs. Or Blues. Whatever.

re·run \ˈrē-ˌrən\

the act or action or an instance of rerunning, repetition; especially : a movie or television show that is rerun

Well, no. Technically, we are neither a movie nor a television show. Ooh, but we so SHOULD be, huh? That would be awesome. I might go make a few calls. Maybe to Spielberg … or Scorcese. And we’ll need a screen writer! And a musical composer! AND A KEY GRIP! And … and …. But wait, I’m in the middle of writing a blog post. Damn.
I’m pretty bogged down today. Not only does my boy, my oldest, start high school (yes, I said HIGH SCHOOL) this Friday, but I’ve also got a sick little girl. And it’s only her fourth day of school. Here’s hoping she gets better very soon and doesn’t germ up her brother who I fear now can’t miss a day of school for the next five years. (Explanation: High school often starts in 8th grade in my weird corner of the world, the land of drive-thru daiquiri shops where we call counties “parishes” and inspection stickers “brake tags.”)
And if I’m not sad enough with this change, I am now also stressed about how much I have left to do. And no time to do it. So we’re rerunning an old ODNT “episode” today. It seems only fitting. Last year, I wrote a post called the Back to School ABCs. (I’m actually kinda proud of this one. Please click it.) And then I gave it an extreme makeover for a little contest and won a thousand dollars with it.
Anyway, I think that it bares repeating. Because it’s that time of year again. And because, well, I’m a little blue today. And who among us can’t use a laugh? (Please tell me it made you laugh.)
I have to go. The cat just puked. Four times.