The Back to School ABCs. Or Blues. Whatever.

re·run \ˈrē-ˌrən\

the act or action or an instance of rerunning, repetition; especially : a movie or television show that is rerun

Well, no. Technically, we are neither a movie nor a television show. Ooh, but we so SHOULD be, huh? That would be awesome. I might go make a few calls. Maybe to Spielberg … or Scorcese. And we’ll need a screen writer! And a musical composer! AND A KEY GRIP! And … and …. But wait, I’m in the middle of writing a blog post. Damn.
I’m pretty bogged down today. Not only does my boy, my oldest, start high school (yes, I said HIGH SCHOOL) this Friday, but I’ve also got a sick little girl. And it’s only her fourth day of school. Here’s hoping she gets better very soon and doesn’t germ up her brother who I fear now can’t miss a day of school for the next five years. (Explanation: High school often starts in 8th grade in my weird corner of the world, the land of drive-thru daiquiri shops where we call counties “parishes” and inspection stickers “brake tags.”)
And if I’m not sad enough with this change, I am now also stressed about how much I have left to do. And no time to do it. So we’re rerunning an old ODNT “episode” today. It seems only fitting. Last year, I wrote a post called the Back to School ABCs. (I’m actually kinda proud of this one. Please click it.) And then I gave it an extreme makeover for a little contest and won a thousand dollars with it.
Anyway, I think that it bares repeating. Because it’s that time of year again. And because, well, I’m a little blue today. And who among us can’t use a laugh? (Please tell me it made you laugh.)
I have to go. The cat just puked. Four times.


6 responses to “The Back to School ABCs. Or Blues. Whatever.

  1. Stephanie @smtimmons

    All I got out of this was “drive thru daiquiri shops”. I need this in my life. Everyday. Said like a true functioning alcoholic.

    I’ll stop by and grab a couple, clear a spot for me in the back of your closet. (I say yours because my child always finds me in mine….Der you are, Mommy!)

  2. You had me at Q. The pressure to impress, or at least clean, for playdates is intense! However, last year I went to a playdate where the house was messy, and the mom set a pitcher of sangria out on the table for me and her. She’s now my bff. 😉

  3. That was amazing! I loved it! I love that you’re up front about kids being stupid. It’s true. Even mine (as much as I’ll never say that to him).

  4. That was awesome, and yes, I laughed, which is something I desperately needed! I’m sorry about the cat and the girl…give our love to V.

  5. We have had a stomach thing fly through our house in the last 2 days.. I was horrible yesterday. Our kids started the 8th.. yeah way too soon for me. Hello my MIDDLE child is a senior. Meaning you are talking to a woman who has a child who is OUT of school and already has a kid.. I am ancient.

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