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Six Things I’m Really Gonna Miss About Summer

1. Sleeping late.

And by late, I just mean like 7. I don’t like getting up before the sun does. There’s a reason humans can’t see in the dark.

2. Summer drinks.

Especially when they have cucumber in them. I like to pretend I’m being healthy.

3. Movies.

From Blended and The Nut Job to National Treasure and Walter MittyI honestly think I set a personal best for numbers of movies seen inside of ten weeks this year. (That’s a whole lot of sedentary.  I’m going to make a kick-ass old lady.)

4. Summer feet.

Who knows? Maybe one day I can pursue my dream of being a professional foot model?!!? 

5. All Shook Up

Elvis music set against a Shakespearian plot line housed in a Methodist church. It’s a wild formula that made for a great couple of months with my girl.


6. Family vacations.

Sure, there are always a few moments when we want to kill each other. But the memories we make and the food we eat always outweigh the death threats.


Created in response to MamaKat’s weekly writing prompt.

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