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Here’s the email I sent to Kids-In-Mind about We Bought A Zoo

This email is the one referenced in the post entitled First TV, now the movies – what’s left to watch with my girl?

TO: comments@kids-in-mind.com
I just wanted to take a moment to write to tell you how much I appreciate your Kids-in-Mind app on my iPhone. I’ve used it AND recommended it countless times to family and friends as an invaluable tool in determining a movie’s appropriateness for children. Your meticulously detailed description of anything ‘questionable’ (including such benign examples as ‘a man and a woman hug’ or ‘name calling – pathetic, idiot, hobos’) allows me to take complete comfort in the fact that there will be no surprises or unexpected issues waiting for me to explain to my kids during or after the movie.

Until today.

You missed a big one in the scene about midway through the movie where the Father (Damon) is arguing with his 14-year-old son just outside the younger sister’s bedroom. To paraphrase, the father is telling his son he needs to pull it together since his mother’s death and stop being so dark all the time. And he says something like, “Your seven-year-old sister still believes in the Easter Bunny, for Pete’s sake!”

Hello? I did not see that one coming. And, just in case my daughter didn’t pick up on it the first time, the little girl in the movie then exits her bedroom and says, “What about the Easter Bunny?”

Trust me when I say these kinds of surprises upset parents even more than a bad word. Please take note of my strong suggestion to include a warning for this and all movies that, for whatever reason, risk giving a little too much away to young viewers. This information has NO business being included in any PG or below movie.

In the end, I think I did a nice job of damage control with my daughter and we enjoyed the movie (despite its mixed reviews). Again, I truly value and will continue to count on and recommend your site for sound and complete information. In return, I would greatly appreciate a response to my email.

Thanks for your time,

Michele …..


First TV, now the movies – what’s left to watch with my girl?

I took my girl to see We Bought a Zoo this weekend. It was a very spontaneous decision … to occupy the female half of my family while the male half was taking in some football. And I selected that particular movie in an effort to see something marginally grown-up for me (meaning it wasn’t a cartoon) but also kid-friendly for her (meaning PG and featuring lots of animals, her favorite). And it fit the bill well as mom-and-daughter middle ground.

The movie is based on the true story of a man whose wife dies at a young age leaving him alone to raise his two children (older boy, younger girl). And I’m just saying here that I am really glad that I didn’t see this movie two months ago. I’m not so sure I could’ve handled it as well as I can now with my life-changing “Get Out of Jail Free” (aka – the Tumor is Benign) card in my wallet.

Seriously, there should be a card.

Also seriously, if I should ever croak prematurely, Dave would never buy a freakin’ zoo. So, there are no other parallels here.

And, despite hearing mixed reviews about the movie, I’m here to say it was just fine for the two of us. We both enjoyed it but, with my child in attendance, I would have preferred a little less colorful language here and there. Sadly though, my biggest bone of contention was a line in the movie that contained no profanity at all. Attention movie makers – When you rate a movie PG, you can’t include the following line of dialogue (and I’m paraphrasing here):

Father to his 14-year-old son: “You’ve got to pull yourself together and stop being so dark and miserable all the time. Your seven-year-old sister still believes in the Easter Bunny, for Pete’s Sake!”

(Sound of needle scratching abruptly across record – click to hear it)

What?!!? Come on, man. The damned movie’s rated PG! … So, you know what? I wrote another letter. Maybe I’ve found a new calling. Here’s hoping this one gets more play than the last one to AMC.

Oh, but I’m just getting warmed up.