Conversation with My Girl at Bedtime Last Night

Daughter: Can I sleep with you tonight?

Me: No, sweets. It’s a school night. Go to bed.

Daughter: Please.  It’s a special occasion.

Me: What? What’s the occasion?

Daughter: Haven’t you been watching the news?  It’s Columbus Day.

Me: (pregnant pause)  Dude, Columbus Day isn’t a special occasion … plus it was eight days ago.

Daughter:Oh, okay.  Well, maybe NEXT year on Columbus Day?

Me: Yeah, sure. Maybe so.  Goodnight, girlfriend.

Daughter: Good night, Mommy.

Apparently, I need to get her a calendar.  And we should probably stop having such lavish celebrations on things like World Nutella Day, half birthdays and National Lizard Day.


One response to “Conversation with My Girl at Bedtime Last Night

  1. I say that there are fewer and fewer reasons to celebrate the older you get, so grab every non-occasion by the horns. What greater lesson can we teach our kids than to be happy that we’ve made it to today? Why not?

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