Where’s Pee-wee’s 40 bucks?

I went Halloween costume shopping with my girl today and saw this one. Am I nuts … or was Paul Reubens totally ripped off?

“Paging Mr. Herman …”



4 responses to “Where’s Pee-wee’s 40 bucks?

  1. Yeah but why is that guy doing creepy jazz hands?

  2. Is that a person? He has sort of a plastic sheen to him.
    Oh, and KT – the creepy doesn’t end at the hands…

  3. And let’s not overlook the Dracula hair and obvious DeNiro impression he seems to be attempting.

  4. I always liked Pee-Wee Herman, and this cheap knock-off doesn’t even come close. You can put Paul Reubens in any other outfit and a little bit of Pee-Wee will shine through, but even in the best costume, no impersonator can compare.

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