When did all the wine makers get so pissy?

I went wine shopping today.  Well, I really went grocery shopping but it turned into wine shopping … because I was at a different store than usual. Every so often, I cheat on my regular nearby grocer and visit the place I went today because they stock things I can’t find anywhere else. And, when I just have to have things like my Mon Cuisine Vegan Moroccan Chicken frozen dinners, it’s my go-to place.

The wine section at this store actually comes staffed with its own personnel, ready and willing to offer recommendations and assist me with any questions I may have. That’s service. And because I spent about twenty minutes browsing the bottles while my dairy products curdled in the cart, I had to beat off the wine guys three or four times. They likely soon realized I was an idiot anyway when I started snapping pictures of the bottles found below.

And I’ll ask again – When did all of the wine makers get so pissy? Once I saw the first label, it became a game to find more ‘angry’ bottles so I could share this completely useless information with you.







Sure.  They think I’m crazy at that store now. But it was worth it. And I did come home with a pleasantly-named Malbec so I didn’t completely waste their time.


5 responses to “When did all the wine makers get so pissy?

  1. Lately, it seems many wine makers are going for any trick they cna to get buyers (like bloggers using the word Sex int heir titles to get readers).
    Go you for fighting the trend and buying your wine named after a purple grape.

    A question for you – does the wine help in your decision on a doctor, and have you thought about plying said doctor with Malbec to find out what they aren’t telling you?
    Remember, the cake is a lie.

  2. Hmmmm…. is there a “Go fu*k yoursel wine you can gift when telling someone off? Maybe for breaking up or quitting a job?

  3. NEWSFLASH — I had a bottle of Sassy Bitch wine — It’s really good. Funny label or not, the girls enjoyed it and I’m a fan!

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