My young daughter’s “Ultimate Wedding Dress”

I love ‘Fall Back’ weekend. The extra hour I get always feels like three or four to me and, frankly, I think we should do it every weekend. Who among us can’t use the spare time?

By the time my head hit the pillow last night, I was exhausted from my extra hour (that I had actually used for sleeping the night prior so I really can’t explain my fatigue). I slept decently (despite the cat’s hourly efforts at sabotage) and woke up pretty easily since the sun rose earlier. I figured maybe my kids would, too. Wrong.

When I went into my son’s room, I found him sound asleep and fairly unresponsive to my (sometimes literal) wake up song and dance, as is the norm on any day where school is in session. When I went into my daughter’s room, I found her equally unconscious. But when I pulled back her covers to wake her, I discovered that she was already dressed for the day. Apparently, she woke up bright and early on her own this morning, glanced at her as-yet-unchanged little girl watch and dressed for school in the den by herself. She never found it odd that her parents and older brother were all still out cold in their beds. Then, at some point, seeing the accurate kitchen clock and realizing her mistake, she decided simply to return to her room and grab an extra hour of sleep. Which is how I found her all tucked away in her bed.

But what a timesaver it was this morning!

Anyway, in honor of my little nut job, I am sharing yet another drawing she prepared specifically for this blog. I’m not sure why she’s designing wedding gowns now but I don’t usually ask such questions. And I’m wondering what my friend, Suzanne (a professional designer in this industry) will think of her very unique creation. I mean, there are cherry pits actually sewn into the ruffle.  You saw it here first, my friends.

Introducing the Ultimate Wedding Dress …



6 responses to “My young daughter’s “Ultimate Wedding Dress”

  1. Real cherry pit hem for only $69.99? I love it!

  2. “Awesome Leggings”
    What have you been teaching her?!?

    And love the elbowless model she found!

    In all seriousness, Donna Karan needs to give her a scholarship. Immediately.
    Congratulations on the brilliant talented daughter!

  3. *huge smiles here* Love the tagline “… go beyond wonderful!” Most awesome!

  4. Too cute!! Can I visit her when she goes to design school in NYC??

  5. My wife designed dresses when she was a girl and our daughters did the same….Let’s see if our Granddaughter Hannah follows in this fine tradition.

  6. Somebody’s probably read The Wedding Planner’s Daughter. 🙂

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