The polls are open. Time to get your vote on.

Okay, so there is still a funk lingering in the air around here … and I’m understandably queasy about putting up this poll … but we must move forward to avoid getting left behind, right?  If you’ve been following along, you most likely have an opinion on the backbone of this blog.  And I want it.  Here and now.  Please take a look at the poll below, pick your answer and feel free to elaborate in the comment boxes below.  Few choices in life are black and white and I’m happy to entertain all of your explanations, thoughts, musings, mantras, recipes, jingles, song lyrics, poetry, tongue twisters, grocery lists, etc.

Oh, and I wanted to include a comment left by a regular ODNT reader and fellow blogger. Unlike some readers here, this individual and I have never met before so this opinion comes completely unbiased and fully anonymous.

What can I say about the decision of whether to go ahead with this? As you acknowledged, this is ultimately your choice to make. The fact that you’re hesitating is no surprise, because it’s a pretty big expense, and having your body modified isn’t a choice that should be taken lightly. I think if the side of your inner Sybil who thinks you should scrap the whole idea has been coming out often (or speaking loudly), maybe you should wait. But if you feel good about the whole idea and it only makes you nervous occasionally, you’ll probably have no regrets after going through with it.

– If you back out, you’ll probably be comfortable with the knowledge that you saved some money and avoided some minor but very real risks. But you might always look at yourself in the mirror and say, “I could have gotten some fabulous new ta-tas, and I chickened out! What was I thinking?”

– If you go through with it, I’m positive you’ll be happy with the way you look. You’ll get an instant and long-lasting boost to your self-image. You and your husband will have lots of fun playing with the new toys. But you might forever feel selfish, frivolous, and vain.

Gut instinct, without over-thinking it, which of these two situations seems more likely to eat at you?

If that doesn’t help, just ask yourself how likely you are to be stabbed in the chest, or have a Hezbollah rocket shot at you. Some extra padding out there could save your life

Ugh.  I’m high in the air … looking down … out of the open door of the plane. The houses look tiny and the people like ants. I sure hope this thing on my back is a parachute and not my daughter’s iCarly backpack. Here I go …


8 responses to “The polls are open. Time to get your vote on.

  1. I voted for Doctor 5, on the basis that 5 is a doctor who also works with breast cancer patients. As regular mammograms are recommended for woman, he might be a good candidate for that procedure as well, since he’ll know what is inside, and it may alleviate some of the risks with scanning an implant that ypu described in a previous post.

    That being said, having just re-read your 2nd visit entries, they both seem very capable and professional.

    One question for you – have you decided, and are using the poll to reinforce your decision, or like me, are you going to realize who you most prefer once you see the results?
    Whichever one you choose, good luck, and we all look forward to photos of the spectacular (red?) you will be wearing out to show off your new implants.

  2. I think their are pros and cons to each of these two doctors. Doctor number 1 is willing to incorporate other procedures/ ideas into your treatment. My opinion would be to have another appointment with Doctor number 1. Present what you liked from the other two doctors to Doctor number 1, and see what kind of opinion you get then. I’m sure you’re tired of exposing yourself, but this could help with some of your doubts too.

  3. And yes, I am the one nut that has been voting for Doctor number 1 all along.

  4. I had no idea what the majority of your readers were thinking till I voted and saw that I’m one of them. I say, think twice, thrice, and whatever the words are for four, five, six times, etc. You are healthy, thin, and beautiful, and you have a husband who loves you and two great kids, as well as a mom and dad and brother and friends who think you’re the best. Forget about your boobs and start enjoying your life!! No one’s body is perfect; that’s part of being human. Just my opinion–but you asked for it!!

  5. The blog entries read like you are most comfortable with doc 5. That goes a long way. Just wondering- are you going to be nervous having the new boobs “handled?” Does that weirdness go away? What about Doc 1? you said you would like to see her once again- the female factor. Which doc is your mom leaning toward?

    When will you need to have new ones?

    If I didn’t know you so well, I would agree with Claudia above. (I have to say that this line of thought is freeing. When’s the last time I saw you? I continue to revolt and grow the gray! If you get new ta-tas, people are gonna think I AM YOUR MOM.) However, I have a suspicion that you would be forever regretting not doing them (No I am not saying you are vain)….UNLESS you could think of a substitute prize for yourself. Say a nice trip with husband, a new kitchen, savings for that wonderful trip when have planned for 2019, etc. Since I’ve seen the girls, I understand your desire for “inflation!” But, the boobs don’t make the woman. I could go on & try to say something meaningful and profound, but it’s early and I need my coffee. More later. Over lunch. Not blog. Cheese or sushi. Or both. Your choice.

  6. Dr. 5 is my vote, mostly because I’m a patient (of his group) and I feel like he is extremely experienced, knowledgable, and your outcome would look fabulous! and that’s whether you choose silicone or saline. And while you seem very comfortable with him, your blogs seem like you like Dr.4 just a little better…do you? (Brian voted for Dr.4)

    Regarding whether to go ahead with plans or just end it now…I say keep on truckin. You’re not getting this to show off, or look like Dolly (thank goodness), and getting this done shouldn’t change the wonderful inner person that you are. It’s a small enhancement, that’s all. And if you decide not to go ahead with your plan…just like others have said: You’re great just the way you are & your husband, kids, family, & friends will love you just the same.

    Padded bras come in every shape, color, & size 🙂

  7. I voted for Dr. 5, but I chose him on little more than a coin toss, because they both sound so good. (Very nearly a tie, but 5 has cookies.) I don’t think you’ll go wrong with either one. I do think you should release your grip on the doorway of that plane, trust in your parachute, and DIVE!

    Why do I say that? Because anyone who posts regular updates on a blog about boobs obviously cares a lot about them. Yes, you would be fine if you never got them, but I bet you’ll be happier with them. I say this having never met you, but having read a lot of stuff you’ve written over the past several weeks. Take that for whatever it’s worth…

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