I forgot to mention yesterday that I am not a smoker

It’s been a long day.  I had my CT scan this morning.  I had no idea what to expect.  Thanks, by the way, to my many new Twitter friends who tried to fill me in on the process.  In short, they put in an IV so that I could be injected with an iodine-based dye that ‘highlights’ my veins and organs for the test.  They warned me that I would likely feel a warm sensation spreading down the length of my torso and that I might feel as I though I was peeing.  It was a completely accurate description.  Plus, you feel a lot like you have a mouth full of turpentine. And pennies. But, thankfully, it only lasts a few minutes.

When I came out of my CT scan, my doctor was outside waiting for me.  I had no idea these kinds of doctors still existed.  She even had a coffee in her hand waiting for me. Or my husband. Or my dad. Whoever wanted it. A Starbucks latte she picked up on her way over.  Love her.

She set me up to see a lung specialist tomorrow.  He will be reviewing my x-rays and CT scans and hopefully letting me know what’s going on.  There are a lot of possible theories. Some I like more than others.  But, at this point, everything is merely speculation.

In the meantime, please continue sending your good vibes to my friend who is now out of surgery but still in critical condition. She is a two-time transplant patient and thus matters are that much more complicated.  At this point in the game, I am still just a question mark.  She is not.  And she needs as much positive energy as she can get.

And while I’m on that subject, please allow me to express an enormous thank you to everyone in my life who in some form contacted me today for myself, my friend or both of us.  I literally did not put my phone down for about six consecutive hours today attempting to respond to the mindboggling outpouring of concern and support.

It helps. More than you know.


2 responses to “I forgot to mention yesterday that I am not a smoker

  1. I’m just reading Tuesday’s and Wednesday’s blog…I’m here for you. Let’s focus on what Holly/Ernie said, that MANY things are benign. Don’t start worrying about the unknown..It’s very draining–who needs that! My prayers are with you.

  2. Like Melissa, I’m a bit behind on my ODNT reading. So, first, many sincere prayers for your friend. Second, obviously these boobs are a blessing so after you get past this scare, you will have to get them for sure ; ) May this pass quickly and benignly into your blog posting history.

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