And the winner is ….

Okay, for those who are following, here’s how it went down.

As of 5pm today, the tagline with the most votes was “Refreshingly honest or disturbingly candid? You be the judge.”

I wrote it. I liked it. But I felt like it lacked a little levity.  So, I began re-reading the comments following that post. (All of which are SO VERY APPRECIATED, by the way.) And I saw one comment that suggested simply using the second half of my Twitter description. Then, I saw another commenter seconding that idea and even quoting the passage.

“Funny, poignant and completely candid. Come on over. I just made paella.”


It sounded a lot like the winner of the contest plus it had a little something extra on the end. And, well, YOU might not think it’s funny. But I do.

And so, with that, I give you my new tagline, soon to be listed next to my blog name, on

I’m pumped. Thanks to everyone for playing along. And a special shout out to According to Mags and HonestMom for helping me make this obvious realization.  Two funny ladies.  You should read their stuff … but only after you’re finished mine. 🙂



5 responses to “And the winner is ….

  1. This may be my most favorite post you’ve ever written. No, wait. On second thought, the naked mole rat “series” you wrote is hands down my favorite. 🙂 Thanks for the shout out. Congrats on the new tag line. Fits your style well.

  2. Paella……paella…….paella……{{{checking ingredients….onions…tomatoes….chicken….saffron….rice….a little of this…..a little of that……no wheat….or gluten…..SAFE}}} OK! I’ll be right over!

  3. Are you making (or buying) paella for anyone who submitted a suggestion? I think that that’s only fair.

  4. I’ll eat anything…..well, almost anything….

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