Should I be calling Letterman about Milo?

Today’s Weight … 122.4

But today I went out for lunch plus I had pasta and gingerbread for dinner. I’m weak. Cross your fingers for tomorrow.

Don’t get it? Check this post.

My kids recently discovered that Milo has a unique physical characteristic, namely a single black whisker. Needless to say, I wasted no time jumping on the internet to see if it signified anything (because what else are you going to do on a Tuesday night, right?) and found nothing but a bunch of sad people chatting about their cats.

(No. … That is not the same thing as what I’m doing here. I’m blogging about cats. Duh!)

Anyway … finding nothing particularly interesting to explain this mind-boggling feline phenomenon, my daughter and I decided to come up with a few theories of our own. I hypothesized that the mysterious attribute could indicate that Milo hails from some ancient royal lineage, possibly even from another world. Or (and this one came from my girl between bathtub snorkel dives) maybe it helps him sense danger coming by the feeling he gets in that black whisker, like Harry Potter’s scar. Or perhaps it gives him the ability to read the minds of his caretakers. Or bend spoons.



In any event, we thought it was weird. Weird enough to merit an entire blog post.

What?? They can’t all be Shakespeare.


One response to “Should I be calling Letterman about Milo?

  1. I hate to ruin your theories, and please don’t tell your daughter, but I have an orange tabby with a black whisker or two as well. When I was a kid, we had an orange tabby, and he had a black whisker or two too. Put down the cell phone. Letterman will have you black listed as that “crazy cat lady with the blog,” and you’ll never get on his show when ODNT makes you famous.

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