I saw a movie today but I’m not reviewing it, so why even read this post?

I did something I NEVER do today. I saw a movie (a BIG one, I might add) on its opening day. I’d give you three guesses as to the movie but, the way I’ve been carrying on lately, I’m sure you know it was Hunger Games. No, I did not stand in line with a bunch of teenagers at midnight. I went with a group of friends, the same ones I mentioned in my second prequel post.

We are adults. So, we did it in a very civilized way. We purchased our tickets in advance for a very upscale, modern theater in New Orleans, where you have to be 18 to enter. Their tagline is Gourmet Food. Full Bar. Luxury Seating.  I took advantage of all three.

We settled into our oversized comfy chairs (akin to the quality of first class air travel) and pressed a button for the waitress. Jen and I split the cheese plate, described as a selection of four cheeses served with breads and fig mostarda, assorted flatbread and crackers.  I also ordered the Angelo Brocato’s Italian Cookie Plate because I’m a sucker for fig cookies. And, for my beverage, I wanted The Dawn Patrol (house-made fig brandy, Patron Citronage Orange Liqueur, sour mix, splash of house-made vanilla cinnamon brown sugar simple syrup and satsuma twist) to complete my Trifecta of fig cuisine. But, alas, they were out of the necessary brandy so I opted for a Trivento Malbec and sat back to wait for the movie.

The food arrived for most of us almost immediately so we began eating (a difficult task, considering it was knife and fork fare and we were in near darkness) over the movie trailers.  I saw one for Dark Shadows, a Tim Burton movie featuring none other than Johnny Depp, that I filed away for my summer wish list. Then, I saw another, the most unusual today, for something called Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. Let me just say … I SO wish I had thought of this movie title. It would also be a great name for a band, wouldn’t it?

Anyway … jumping ahead majorly … I really enjoyed the movie, for which I sat on the edge of my seat the majority of the time.  Even though, unlike (almost) ever before in my lifetime, I had actually read the book first and thus knew what was going to happen. Except, of course, when the screenplay strayed from the original story.

The question … Was it as good as the book?  The answer … Is it ever?

There’s always far too much that needs to be omitted when something is culled down from the page to the screen.  Much must be sacrificed. But, then again, the movie affords you the delight of seeing some of the fictional characters come to life through real people like Stanley Tucci, Woody Harrelson and Lenny Kravitz. I so loved all of them in this movie.

Am I going to tell you anything else about the movie? 

Absolutely not. This story is one that no one wants spoiled for them.  I’ve literally shushed and been shushed by total strangers when discussing the book in public. It’s a cult. And I’m a kool-aid drinking, tambourine-beating, bald girl selling flowers at the airport.  I’m all in.

One last thing though … to the women in the ladies room after the show, the main character’s name is KATNISS EVERDEEN, not Candace Aberdeen.  If you read the book, you’d know that. (Look at me … getting all uppity about book learnin’.)

Haven’t seen it yet? Let me tempt you …

Thanks, Ashley, Vanessa, Jen, Melissa and Mignon, for bringing me today.


14 responses to “I saw a movie today but I’m not reviewing it, so why even read this post?

  1. Sounds like a good night, ODNT. Going to have to find a theater like that in my area.
    With a different movie playing…

  2. Katniss is blonde in the book, right? Everything I’ve read tells me I’m better off waiting for the crowds to settle after 2 weeks, then see it. Then again, I’ll act like a 90 yr old man and watch it on my couch in 6 months.

    thanks for braving the crowds and giving a review.

    • She’s actually not blonde in the book. She’s described as being different from her mother and Prim in that way. For whatever reason, even knowing that when I was reading, my mental picture of her still managed to be blonde. Stupid brain.

      Hope you can see it soon. The crowds weren’t bad for me, but that’s because tweens are not permitted entry in the fancy pants movie house I visited today. 🙂

      • i did the same thing her mom and sister are blond and she’s brunette. funny how minds work. I’ll see it. I’ll drag the teenager along.

  3. I think for book club we should discuss the differences between the book and the movie. I just need an excuse to read the book again and not get made fun of…

  4. Let’s go again! What a great way to watch a movie! I had no idea!!!

  5. Thanks for a nibble at the bait – it will only take a little jerk to get the hook in! (No, I was NOT inferring that you are a little jerk!)

  6. I’m jealous of your movie-going experience. Chris and I sat in a line, then raced into the theater. I felt like I was going to be trampled. Chris behind me saying “GO, GO, GO!” Once we ‘secured’ our seats, the tweens filled in around us. OH THE HORROR! LITERALLY. The giggling, comments, and being 16. I have no patience when I am trying to watch a movie. Chris calls it part of the “experience”.

    Great review! I agree. I loved seeing the characters come to life. They did it well. Good cast.

  7. Haven’t read the books, but the movie looks pretty cool. I may have to settle for popcorn and a coke though.

  8. Alright – I guess I will bite…I know nothing of the book and was actually debating to download it on my iPad, as I am in need of a book read because when I go without a read, I turn into a buffoon who cant put words together…I opted for the 2nd book of the “Game of Thrones” series so I am ready for the show to return on HBO. I hit the Hunger Games after this one…

    As for that theater. O.M.G. I ENVY YOU. If I every visit NOLA, I must go there. And scarily….the ticket prices are the same for the theater that we go to…minus the 18+ rule….that is most epic…

  9. I an really looking forward to reading the book, but more importantly, I need to find a theater like that! You had me at Italian fig cookies! My grandma used to make the best ones when I was growing up! At any rate, I will probably download the book this weekend, as I have a road trip coming up. 🙂

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