FIVE Things I Hate About Summer

After yesterday’s post, you guys had to see this coming, right? 20140603-145331-53611359.jpg 1. Humidity. 

Also known as frizzy hair, pit stains and a massive increase in laundry.

2. Mosquitos.

Because my choices are West Nile or some kind of cancer we discover in the future caused by the “harmless” repellents we’re all using now.

3. No new TV.

Actually, since it’s 2014, there are probably lots of shows on different networks that are, in fact, still airing new programming. But, since the only shows I watch these days are Modern Family and Grey’s Anatomy, I’m screwed until the fall.

4. Smaller clothing.

Also known as bathing suits. Damn it. Bathing suits. Seriously, world? 

5. Increase in Mom guilt.

Because when I do anything like try to get some work done, write this blog post or, you know, take a shower, I feel guilty that I’m ignoring my kids who are now home 24/7. And hitting me with “I’m bored!” just a few too many dozen times each day.


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5 responses to “FIVE Things I Hate About Summer

  1. As a New Yorker, I’d like to request that we refrain from slagging on summer until we’ve all recovered from this past winter.

  2. I HATE summer. HATE IT. The no schedule, whiny kids, money spent entertaining them, shuttling them to friends houses only to pick them up an hour later, sweating, hot cars…I could go on. Hate it!

  3. Mosquitoes! I hate em!
    and sweating…yes, I absolutely hate sweating. All my cute clothes look so cute until I start m-e-l-t-i-n-g.

    but as far as TV goes…could I offer you USA or TNT network? Suits (Yummy NYC lawyers in suits! I mean do I even have to sell this?) Royal Pains (hot doctors in the Hamptons) Rizzoli and Isles and Major Crimes (it’s not the Closer but it’s close!) are all coming back in the next few weeks. There is eye candy and good storylines as far as you can see.

    Hoping you aren’t melted yet.

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