Check Your Email, Dude – Brotherly Love (Ep. 6)

You guys DO understand that we’re reading other people’s PERSONAL and REAL emails here, right?

Remember MY PLAN to rid the world of misdirected emails? Every time I get something good sent to me by mistake, I’m sharing it. Right here. In a segment called Check Your Email, Dude (CYED).

* * * * * * * * * *

You are now reading Episode #6 of the Jud & Bill series entitled Brotherly Love, chronicling the mundanely interesting goings-on in the daily lives of two brothers across the country from one another. To view past episodes …

Episode 1 ….. Episode 2 ….. Episode 3 ….. Episode 4 ….. Episode 5

[ Brotherly Love – Ep. 6 ]




Don’t forget for 60 years you have eaten cow meat at least twice a week. So, now you are going to lose your big beef muscle if you don’t eat cow at least once a month. The diverse 25% of the Palm Springs population knows all about keeping their big beef muscles in shape by practicing a Greek-style of diet. Have to eat my lunch now of (you guessed it) salad, tomatoes and Greek olives … and my ration of four croutons. Talk soon.


Dear God in Heaven, what is a BIG BEEF MUSCLE? And what does Greek food have to do with keeping it in shape? And, last but most importantly, what brand of croutons do you think Jud is eating?


Stay tuned for more adventures of Jud & Bill in our next episode of Check Your Email, Dude.


2 responses to “Check Your Email, Dude – Brotherly Love (Ep. 6)

  1. I’m feeling sorry for Jud who is not getting this stimulating e-mail and … advice?? Is it advice?

  2. This picture is perfect!

    Why is Jud always getting “rations” of food? This bothers me.

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