The Kleinpeter Dairy Chronicles continued …

When we last saw our hero, he was just getting back from the beach. Read on for more of the ODNT Kleinpeter Dairy Chronicles with a big mystery to be revealed … just in time for my reunion …. tomorrow!

Hi, Mr. K!

It’s great hearing from you again. And I’m glad to read that you got some much needed respite from work. We all need these little moments to stay afloat in life, right? Just curious … in all of the funny stories you shared with your old pals … did you happen to mention that you’re a superhero of sorts on a crazy woman’s blog? You really need to come check out your laudatory comments. You’ve become a bit of a legend. I’ve written several posts about Kleinpeter to date but it was my original letter to you that won a little contest. Click the following link and check out 4th place. (Yes. 4th place DOES count for something. At least that’s what my mom says. Unfortunately, probably more often than she’d like.)
And, to make things easy for you, I’m including all of the past Kleinpeter posts right here … for easy clicking:
From the second post on is where your praise starts rolling in. And, honestly, if someone sent me a link to a site where I could read excessive extolment about myself, I’m pretty sure I’d get so engrossed in it that my kids would go hungry that week. Sadly … to date … they have yet to miss one single meal. Sigh.
Anyway, like I said before, should you ever need a slightly irreverent copywriter, I’m your man … or woman, as it were. And I really like milk. I think that should be a job qualification, don’t you?


4 responses to “The Kleinpeter Dairy Chronicles continued …

  1. Wait – what was the mystery? Did I miss it???

  2. You made it onto the meeting agenda! I wonder if you are ‘other business’, or have your own bullet point?!

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