There should be a weight limit to determine who gets to be on the Christmas card

Last week, we finally got around to celebrating my girl’s birthday … which was in May. Don’t judge. We all have busy lives, right? Anyway, we had a roller skating party for a bunch of her little girlfriends. And I LOVE how important it still is for her to say “Mama, come skate with us!” I DON’T love that my butt still hurts from the two spills I took at the party. (The first was a shoelace malfunction so I chalk only the second up to genetic spazzery.)

Anyway … my point is that we’ll pretty much do anything for our kids. Right? Of course, right. Which is the perfect lead in to today’s post. Remember that hamster my girl’s been angling for since last Spring? The one she swore she could keep Milo from ingesting?

Yeah, THAT one.

Well, a mother can only take so much begging. I guess I kept thinking about the cats … and dogs … and birds … and gerbils … and newts … and fish … and whatever else we managed to coerce MY parents into getting for us as kids. And I broke down. As always, Dave was there long before I was. But he had a pet nutria as a kid, for freak’s sake.

So, with my boy sleeping out the night of the party, it was just Dave, my girl and me. And naturally, I thought “What better way to pass the evening than to bring a rodent intentionally into the house?”


Three pet store visits and $50 later … and we had him.

We must have seen at least 30 hamsters that night but my girl honed in on hers immediately. She liked him because he was the runt and he was all wet because he kept spastically falling into his own water bowl. (Sigh.) Do we really need another clumsy little freak around here?

So, anyway, without further ado, please allow me to present the latest member of our family …

  • the one Milo is most excited about …
  • he poops in your hand but not in your … (Bet I could turn that into the world’s grossest M&M slogan)
  • your hamster … and mine


(Pause for applause. or laughter. your call)

Are you thinking of Fantasy Island, too? Because I just can’t shake it.

I just know this little varmint is going to provide me with miles and miles of blog fodder. So, thanks in advance, Herve. I realize you might actually be a female but my girl said your name would still work because it’s “HER-ve.” … What’s that? Please just shut up and go with it. You’re a hamster. What do YOU care?” … (cough, sputter) I mean, uh … Welcome …


… and please don’t kill me.



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22 responses to “There should be a weight limit to determine who gets to be on the Christmas card

  1. And here I was thinking it was going to be a Santa rant.
    That is one goofy looking hamster.
    Um…have fun?

  2. cute….hope you don’t have to get another one in a month.

    we have a dog and a cat. they would play with that little thing like it was a foos ball.

  3. Couldn’t you just sell her on a lifetime supply of Zhu-Zhu Pets?

  4. Welcome Herve! Look at that little face. How could you NOT love it? Better you than me though. He had a nutria? Eeekkk! No wonder he caved quicker.

  5. Herve’s a little peanut. I liked how he naturally posed for the camera twice. 🙂

    No worries. Chris is always way ahead of me coming to a decision, too. I question every stinking thing. 🙂

  6. Funny post! You got off easy. My guys are pigeon holing me for a dog or baby sister. Hubs is standing there with a gleam in his eye.

    I’d rather get a pet alligator. At least you can kept it outside!!

    Enjoy your new little fur baby. Very photogenic.

    Make Your Own Adventure!

  7. That Nutria is…. charming. Yeah, charming. Anyway, so glad ODNT Jr. got her birthday wish! Good luck!

  8. Herve is a cute, little thing! But my question is, what the hell is up with that psycho looking monster rodent? Your husband had that as a pet when he was a child? Does he still have all his extremetries? Fingers? Toes?

  9. Congrats on your hamster. May it live a long life and die somewhere you can find it.

  10. I really am not a fan of rodents (especially since we’ve recently learned about ‘mountain beavers’ in our neighbourhood), but that hamster really does look cute. The nutria on the other hand…well.

  11. We had Gerbils once. Two of them. I learned never trust your child when they say “Don’t worry mom, they’re both girls”. Two becomes twenty very quickly.

  12. My kids want some kind of reptile, but I worry they get smelly. Are hamsters smelly?

  13. Ooooh, Herve is a cutie. 🙂 But I’d scream like a schoolgirl if I had to hold him. Irrationally terrified of hamsters. Love snakes though…go figure.

  14. sisterhoodofthesensiblemoms

    We had many happy years with our guinea pig, Honey. Enjoy!

    The freakin’ Nutria killed me, though. WTF? Did it stay in the house? I’m pretty sure it didn’t have a pretty pink cage.

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  16. We had that same cage when my got pet mice!! They’re all dead now, good luck!

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