According to ODNT (A Special Birthday Surprise for a Friend)

Guapo: (drumming fingers on desk) What are YOU going to write?

Me: (sucking down coffee) I don’t know. (rocking back and forth on haunches) I’m trying to think.

Guapo: You know the other girls are already done, right? Lance, too. I think he even set his to music.

Me: (rolling eyes) I know. I heard. (sighing defeatedly) Mel makes this look so damned easy on According to Mags.

Guapo: (shrugging shoulders) Well, in her defense, she does have two adorable kids.

Me: (rising to feet defensively) And …?

Guapo: (recoiling in fear) Calm down. Your kids are great, too. I just meant hers were still little.

Me: (shaking head & sitting) Oh, my God. I know. I’m sorry. I just (starting to cry) … I mean, how does she do it?

Guapo: I don’t know, Michele. I don’t know. (refilling coffee cup) Maybe it’s a West Virginia thing.

I’m writing this post today for my friend, Mel at According to Mags. Today is her birthday. And a few of her writing pals and I got together to assemble this little surprise. To view her other birthday salutes, be sure to click the links for all of my fellow party givers listed at the bottom of this post.

But let’s talk a little more about Mel. She and I met online via our love of writing. Just like eHarmony … but for like-minded friends. We even traveled and roomed together last month for a writing conference in NYC. And … when neither stole the other’s kidney, uploaded naked shower pictures to the internet or stood over staring creepily at the other while sleeping … we deemed it a success.

So, without further verbosity on my part, please allow me to share The Best of Mel (According to ODNT). Go visit her when you can and say hi. You won’t be sorry. She’s a lovely, do-anything-for-you, give-you-the-shirt-off-her-back kind of girl. But, seriously, if you’re only going to get her shirt … well, dude, you’re a creeper. Move on.

Check out some of my favorite ATM posts:

I could go on and on. But you can stop by her place any time and see for yourself. Just be sure to leave everything where you found it. I’m not sure if Mel’s a the-ceramic-penguin-always-faces-due-south-kind-of-person or not, so let’s not tempt fate. I do not wish to be hobbled.


Oh, and before I go, if you didn’t already see it, Mel and I are starting a little project today called ‘Ketchup with Us.’ It’s a semi-monthly writing exercise that we’ll be hosting on both of our sites. To learn more about it, you can read Mel’s post or mine after you finish snooping through all of her other stuff above.

Happy Birthday, Mel. Wish I was there in person to celebrate!

Click to meet my partners in crime for Mel’s birthday party:


6 responses to “According to ODNT (A Special Birthday Surprise for a Friend)

  1. OH.MY.GAWD! THANK YOU! THANK YOU. THANK YOU. You are A-M-A-ZING! This is incredible. Of course, you made me cry and have a hot flash. We (the family and I) are sitting here going through all these wonderful messages…cause you KNOW we don’t believe in sleeping past 7. It’s actually a rule in our house…set by Mags…of course. I’m so grateful for your friendship and support. I love you, friend. I still can’t believe you did this while IN A FREAKING HURRICANE!!! Have I said THANK YOU?!? Off I go to visit the others. I’m in shock. SHOCK, MICHELE!

    Now, where’s my pool boy? 😉

  2. All your favorites are all my favorites! Thanks for being such a great friend to my lovely wife. I wish you could see the giant grin and the happy tears you’ve just brought on! She’s beyond happy right now! Thanks for organizing her online birthday bash!

  3. Oh! And, yes. I have seen that disturbing movie. DISTURBING, MICHELE! *mwah*

  4. Wow, that’s quite the movie reference.
    Um…Michele is your number one fan, Mel. Only by a little, but it’s enough.

    *drives fast out of blog town, avoiding ice patches and trees*


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  6. I love absolutely everything about this. Mel is lucky to have a friend like you who will help orchestrate an amazing birthday surprise while taking on a hurricane. You are my hero. (And the movie reference kinda made me chuckle. Is that wrong?) Thanks again for letting me play. It was fun. Happy birthday, Mel!

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