Things To Do in an Extended Power Outage (from the ODNT Smartass Collection)

I made another Brite flip book today called Things To Do in an Extended Power Outage. Today marks our fourth day as an unplugged city. And the old dude sitting with a big ‘DAY FOUR!’ sign by the interstate is making sure everyone knows it.

But I’m one of the lucky ones. Lucky because I have a brother in town who has power. And we’ve been cooking in his oven, showering in his bathtubs and sleeping in his beds since Thursday. Still, I know what it feels like to sit in a hot …. dark … deathly quiet house during a power outage for no-one-ever-knows-how-long. It’s no fun. You make the most of it in the beginning with flash light games and general tomfoolery. (Yes, I said tomFOOLery.) But after a while, it becomes too hot to sleep at night. And the painfully still air in your home becomes stale and difficult to breathe.

So, with the extra time I’ve been given this week, I’ve been writing my ass off. Which doesn’t show at all because I’ve also been eating and drinking like a pig. I’m from New Orleans. It’s what we do. Especially during a hurricane.

Anyway, I’m tired … and feeling unwitty … so without further ado, I give you my latest goofball creation. CLICK THE IMAGE BELOW to view my collection of utterly useless, totally unhelpful but hopefully at least humorous Things to Do in an Extended Power Outage.


Ironically, as I wrote this post, my neighbor texted me with the following message: “WE HAVE POWER!!!” So … we’re going home tomorrow. (Did anyone else just hear my brother yell ‘Woohoo!’?) My stir crazy kids are anxious to be reunited with our beloved pets, Milo and Herve. They stayed back at the house because my brother is allergic. And also because we remained local. I would never leave them behind if we left town.


The cover of today’s Times Picayune

My heart goes out to everyone still without power. Among them are my parents. If any of my NOLA peeps wants to come sit in the A/C and suck on some ice tomorrow, call me.


17 responses to “Things To Do in an Extended Power Outage (from the ODNT Smartass Collection)

  1. First off, thankfully you’re all ok. Now that that’s out of the way, the power outage for days thing totally sucks. We had an ice storm in Montreal once that kicked off our power for 9 days. It was cold and dark–I still always turned on the light switch, like an idiot 🙂
    Enjoy getting back to your regular life; you will feel like you won the lottery!

  2. Hurricanes without power are a mess.Been through my fair share living here on the coast of North Carolina!!!

  3. There’s something else you can do without power, but that risks having more kids to drag to your brother’s house during the next outage.

  4. I’ve never been without power for that long during the summer but we were without 8 days during the Oct noreaster last year and it was COLD in the house (hotels were full immediately). We played a lot of charades by the fire. That was fun – for a day…..I’m glad you have power back, enjoy!!

  5. How do you make Brite flip books in a power outage? You’re MAGIC. Fun stuff.

    • You descend on your brother with two kids, a full ice chest and a carload of stuff. Because, after a while, you realize you’re can’t sleep in that hot house.

      Thanks our stopping by. And thinking I’m magic. Wouldn’t THAT be convenient? 🙂

  6. Totally awesome! You were one of the most-clicked links at last week’s #findingthefunny. Featuring you tomorrow and pinning this. Thanks for linking up!
    Anna @ My Life and Kids

  7. Impressively productive use of time! Will keep in hand as our power often takes a leave of absence for days at a time. Glad everyone survived!

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  10. I am glad that you explained that you made this book. I would have figured it was an official FEMA publication!!

  11. My son knocked out the electricity for the entire eastern seaboard and parts of Canada in 2003.
    I feel SO STUPID when I walk into a room and flip on the switch when the power is out!

  12. Power outages during summer time is just cruel and unusual punishment.

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