I’m Hosting a Giveaway … and it has to do with Underwear!

Underwear … Underpants … Undies … Panties … Drawers … Bloomers … Tightie Whities … Skivvies … BVDs … Knickers … and (cough) lots of others I’m not going to include in a children’s book review

There are countless ways to name them but only one way to use them. Right?

Well, not exactly … says New York Times Bestselling Author Todd Parr. With more than thirty children’s books to his name including the NY Times Bestseller The I Love You Book, Parr reached out to the mom blog community to help promote his work. And my friend, Mel, and I were the first in line.

The book is about underwear, for Pete’s sake. What’s not to like?


The Underwear Book will have your little people rolling on the floor not only because of Parr’s clever ideas and whimsical illustrations but also because the book centers on (you guessed it!) underwear. An inherently funny subject for kids and, let’s be honest, grown-ups, too. Underwear users, am I right? The book is set up ‘Do & Don’t’ style. To give you an example, here’s one of my favorite pages. (Yes, it IS because it’s about hippos. Thanks for asking.)

Anyway, just like Mel said in her review, we liked the book so much that we thought it would be fun to do our giveaway together. We really identified with it. We both have kids, we both read books AND we both wear underwear. Plus, Mel thinks the cat in Parr’s book is basely (loosely, mind you) on Milo, the fat, orange sloth ball at my house.

Separated at birth? What do you think?


So, we’re giving away three autographed copies. Here’s how to enter:
  1. Create your own DO & DON’T and put it in the comments of either of our blogs.  PG-rating, please. It is a children’s book. (Oh, and here’s Mel’s post … in case you like her better.)
  2. The winners will be chosen by us, as we have been wearing underwear for years and feel qualified to make this decision.
  3. The deadline to enter is October 6th at noon. Winners will be announced by midnight that same day.

Let the DOing & DON’Ting begin!


18 responses to “I’m Hosting a Giveaway … and it has to do with Underwear!

  1. Do put your undies in the dirty clothes hamper.
    Don’t let your dog use them for toys.

  2. Just leaving a comment so I can see the ideas that come in.
    this should be unusual…

  3. Do wear (clean) underwear on your head and sing fun songs to be silly.

    Don’t tell other Mommies at the park what color “big girl underwear” Mommy is wearing.

    (This happened. To me. Gotta love 3 year olds!)

    • That’s a great one. Mel accuses me of wearing underwear on my head all the time.

      So … what color were they? 🙂

      • This is the problem. They were blue. He said “Mommies underwear is blue like Movers!” (a Disney show he is so into that everything he has must be blue & red like Movers) Which for some reason conjured giant blue granny panties in my head. I debated whether to explain that they were lace (and not in fact giant blue grannies) Instead I just hung my head in shame.

  4. Do help your mommy fold and put away your underwear.
    Don’t call daddy’s underwear “big boy panties”.

  5. Do accessorize your colorful undies to another of your outfit (shirt, tie, or hair bow), for personal kicks.
    Don’t show your co-workers, when they compliment the clothing they CAN see.

    (I am not speaking from experience – I mean really, when would I wear a hair bow?!)

  6. Do wash your own underwear.
    Don’t hang it on the antenna of your car and drive around town to dry them.

  7. Do wear underwear on your head and dance around.

    Don’t do this with dirty underwear.

  8. Do wear underwear to the dinner table.

    Don’t use your underwear as a table

  9. Aww, man. Can I at least do it with my bras?

    Thanks for playing, Gene!

  10. Do wear cute panties on a date.
    Don’t end the date having to ask: “They’re under where?”

  11. Do enjoy picking out pretty and fun underwear.
    Do NOT announce what are on them in the middle of the store.

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