Have We Done the Celebrity Crush Thing to Death? Nope. Not Yet.

I wrote a post a while back entitled Let’s Embarrass Me: Topic: Celebrity Crushes. Remember that one? Whatever. Just say yes.

Well … first … my friend, Mel, and I used it as the inspiration for our most recent KetchupWithUs writing prompt. But that wasn’t enough. So … now … I’ve turned it into another Brite book. It’s like I have a scrapbook with indisputable evidence of the nerdiness of my tween years, my teen years and, well, now. (Sigh.) So, without taking up any more of your time, I present my latest Brite.

CLICK THE IMAGE BELOW TO VIEW IT. And be sure to MAKE FUN OF ME IN THE COMMENTS. You guys have been awfully quiet lately. And that makes me paranoid. Like hiding-in-my-closet-eating-cereal-out-of-the-box-as-I-plan-my-next-move paranoid.

  • YOU: Oh, my God. Shut UP, Michele!
  • ME: OKAY! I was just … Sorry. The clickable image is directly … below … these … words. AAAAAND GO!!!



8 responses to “Have We Done the Celebrity Crush Thing to Death? Nope. Not Yet.

  1. Funny, the descrptions are hilarious. I too think Flyn Rider is handsome. I watch way to much Disney around here.

  2. David Lee Roth was soooo on my list in 4th grade! He had me at “Just a Gigolo.”

  3. Those are not so embarrassing, except maybe that Sportacus guy. WTH is that about?! He must have been popular during Madelynne’s obsessions with Teletubbies or Kim Possible, or in between my kids. I’m kinda glad – he freaks me out a little 😉

    I’m right there with you on Shawn Cassidy, Rick Springfield, Simon LeBon (the rest are for you), Robert Downey, Jr. and Davy Jones. And I forgot about Mitch Gaylord – sorry, Mitch! I was also a fan of George Clooney in his ER days (before E/R) – ooh, and Anthony Edwards, with hair, (also before E/R) in Gotcha. Soooo adorable. George could get away with a mullet and, as much as I love mature Johnny Depp, I thought Peter Delouise was the cutest on 21 Jump Street, mullet and all. As far as Beezus & Ramona guys, I vote John Corbett!

    All in all, you’ve got nothing to be embarrassed about! 😀

  4. Isn’t there a picture of you & your hubby on Halloween with him doing a spot-on Adam Ant? I see what you did there…. 😉

  5. The key words, ‘when you grow up’ 😉

  6. Love the reasons why for each person! I should do this, but I don’t think I could remember very many of them. A few of these would be on my list though!

  7. I love the descriptions- so funny! I had a huge crush on Bon Jovi growing up. COme to think about it- I still do,lol!!! Very cute post and btw, I just heard about britely and I love it!

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