The ODNT Job Search – Am I Underqualified for this One?

When we last checked in with the ODNT Job Search, we were talking about if I had what it takes to join the crackerjack team over at Xtreme Cleaners, a highly specialized crime scene and biohazard clean-up company. The answer? A resounding, yelled-by-Sam-Kinison-across-the-Grand-Canyon NO! Frankly, I’m proud of me for having the gumption (and stomach) to view the YouTube clips and email the guy at all. I still say the Xtreme training would’ve been fun. Which, I concede, makes me very, very weird.

So anyway … with dreams of gut-scrubbing grandeur behind us, my friend, Vanessa, and I turned back to Craig’s List for more of this entertainment (cough, sputter), I mean, torture. And we might have found another one. Again, it involves cleaning but at least it’s not like I’d be removing testicles from chandeliers or anything like that.

Still, I’m just not sure I’m qualified.


What do you think of my chances, you guys?!!?

* * * * * * * * * *


Email me at … before I’m forced to start price shopping androgynous French Maid costumes.


8 responses to “The ODNT Job Search – Am I Underqualified for this One?

  1. Can ya weedwack?

  2. Uuuuuh, good luck with that one. I wonder how literal they are with the word “complete.”

  3. I think house boy is a very broad job description, in my experience. You just never know until you ask. Ellen

  4. Or gay house boy, as in a boy that can clean a house that is gay?

    • Maybe that’s the new vernacular for “fly” which, in my day, was “awesome” or “rad.”

      You’re right, BT. Maybe it’s just an awesomely rad house. Or should I be saying “crib.” Damn.

      • braintomahawk

        well before radical, awesome to the max, and ‘omgwtfbbq’ gay meant happy, so maybe they just want someone enthusiastic. Or the house is enthusiastic, which is better than being filled with poltergeists.

  5. Just wondering what other details you could possibly email to ask.
    How long is his vaccuum hose?
    Do his “appliances” work?
    How often do the sheets need to be changed?

  6. Hmmm. Let us know how it goes-LOL!!!

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