Please Help Make My Cat’s Dream a Reality!

My cat has a dream. And it’s a simple one. He’s always wanted to roll around in $1000 cash. I know. I think it’s a weird dream for a cat, too. I totally would’ve thought birds. Or some kind of smelly fish. But that’s what he said. And, as you can see, he’s been practicing.


He’s only worth $40 in this shot.

Want to help make his dream come true? All you have to do is CLICK THE IMAGE BELOW. Then, when the link opens,  READ it and … by all means … LIKE it. Even if you hate it.


Oh, and there’s one more thing. Please SHARE the book. HOWEVER and WHEREVER you can. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Facebook, Twitter & Pinterest
  • Public bathroom stalls
  • Handheld signs at traffic intersections
  • Small, tasteful tattoos
  • Church bulletins
  • Graffiti on interstate overpasses
  • Commandeering the department store intercom while no one is watching to make an announcement
  • Tiny sandwich boards fashioned to your pets or children
  • Skywriting
  • Shoe polish messages on your car windows (and all others in the office parking lot)

Too much? Fine. Then, just do the first one. Remember, this is Milo we’re talking about. Is there anything you wouldn’t do for him?

P.S. I’ll further sweeten the pot. Using the comments below, you are invited to submit questions you want me to answer if I win.  Duh, all submissions must be PG-13 or below.  In the event of my victory, I will pick one at random and answer it.



4 responses to “Please Help Make My Cat’s Dream a Reality!

  1. a) you are the first person I know who not only watched Grease 2 but also loved Maxwell Caulfield.
    b) Harry Connick’s teeth. I need say no more.
    c) I never got the Rob Lowe thing. Even today, I could take him or leave him.
    d) I’d still marry Kevin Bacon, probably even more willingly today than during the Footloose days.

  2. I am just thankful that you have so many other options. You know, since Johnny is off the market.

    You are so creative with these and I love reading them!

  3. Oh my goodness. That cat picture is so funny! I want to borrow some- think he will share!
    I love reading the boys I am going to marry. Jon Bon Jovi all the way!

  4. Thank you, I think this answered all the questions I could possibly have.

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