Sometimes Even Grown-Ups Can Fall Prey to Peer Pressure

So I’m in this “book group.” I use quotation marks because any book group that would allow me as a member probably deserves them. My friends are real readers. All of them. Looking down at me over their Kindles, Nooks and fancy, laminated library cards. The truth is … I struggle to make it through a People magazine. Which I realize is pretty pathetic. But I wasn’t always this way. I was a great reader as a kid. So, if your son or daughter is currently knocking it out of the park, bear in mind that he or she could still become a lazy sloth like me. Dare to dream, my friends.

Anyway … we haven’t actually read a book as a group in a while. I think I petered out somewhere around 50 Shades of Grey. Yes, I did read the first one in that trilogy. And only the first one. (Which should answer your next question.) Now, after a brief hiatus, my girls are back taking in literature again. And they want ME to do it, too. Sigh.

And so the texts began. The threatening, bullying, shaming texts. With scare tactics like “I’m telling your mom, the college English professor, that you won’t read.” Or comparing me to my brainy, English-majored brother. Uncool, guys. Un. Cool.

And then they really hit me below the belt.




So, what are we (ahem …. they) reading?


And it’s four-hundred-and-FIFTEEN pages! All of which I’m supposed to read by Wednesday. THIS Wednesday. And did I also mention that I’m currently reading A Separate Peace with my son for school? It’s a cool 204, by the way. Yep. I can already see it. I’m setting myself up for total disaster. Has anyone here read this book? Tell me why I need to devour it in a matter of days? Think I can do it?

Spoiler: I don’t.


12 responses to “Sometimes Even Grown-Ups Can Fall Prey to Peer Pressure

  1. I SO love “I am the brave face of texting and driving.” I heard someone else talking about Gone Girl on a blog. Guess I’ll have to read it, especially since I love mysteries and often dream myself right into the plot. Of course, I fall asleep every night while reading, so it takes me much, much longer to finish a book than it did back in the old days when I was, uh, younger.

  2. Your friends are cruel.. Lol. But I just read Gone Girl in about 2days..It was excellent, twisted, amazing. You are going to love it… And discussion about this book.. Unlimited. The writer is brilliant, the voice was easy to read and the story… We’ll I can almost see the movie. Enjoy…

    And enjoy your shower…. 😉

  3. Hellllooooo! Wikipedia. Maybe all the facts are not true, but just get the gist of it, throw in some big words you know and make them all strong drinks. Viola. Book club. 🙂

    Meanwhile, I still have yet to read my own book club book that is lengthy. I’ll be ‘Kettle’ in this one. 🙂

  4. Graat book!!! Pyschologically twisted plot. Good book for someone not crazy abt reading. It moves fast and holds your interest. Happy Reading!

  5. I’m with Mel! Isn’t the whole excuse for a “book club” is to get away from your kids and husband, drink some adult beverages, and to talk about extremely innappropriate topics??? Yeah, reading is fun. But to quote a very overused meme, “Ain’t nobody got time for dat!!!”

  6. Ya gotta love our friends!! Always there for support, encouragement, and blasting you on your own blog

  7. Well, if there’s no Cliff Notes or Oprah’s Book Club episode on it, maybe you can step away from the meth lab and spend the time you’re not using for showering to read it…
    Or host the book club and give everyone dellightul braiding patterns.
    For the armpit hair…

  8. Ask your friend Cliff, for his notes.

  9. Ahh! Good luck! Let us know if you like the book, and remember to post pics of the armpit braids!

  10. My advice is to get another book club. 🙂 You can join ours via Sype or phone conference. I say that only so I don’t have to share my wine or cheese (or brownies, or chips and dip, or cookies….). The first rule of our book club is “You don’t have to read the book.” Actually, that’s a lie. The first rule of book club is “There must be alcohol.” Since this is a book club of people who have a stringent rule about alcohol requirements, it logically follows that a rule about not having to read the book is a no brainer….and a must.

    So keep a few of your favorite phrases handy. Ones like “It really gave me a different perspective on relationships,” or “The writing style kept me interested and guessing,” or “I really connected with the characters.” I would also suggest keeping a bottle of wine handy as well, and if someone asks you a specific question about the book, take a big drink and pass the question off.


    • I still think there should be a People magazine group … or a TV show discussion group … or maybe just one where we sit around and pontificate about our favorite foods. While serving and eating them, of course. A grown-up show and tell.

      I like you. Deal me in to your next book group meeting.

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