If You See Me Crying This Week …

Can my post today just be a screen capture of a group text I sent to my parents, husband and brother after a brief visit to my children’s school this afternoon?

Yeah, I really think it can.


I’m honestly considering wearing waterproof mascara to the ceremony. Or possibly none. And did I mention that my girl is celebrating yet another birthday the day before my boy’s big day? My babies are getting too big.

God, but the passing of time blows.


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7 responses to “If You See Me Crying This Week …

  1. Big hugs, girlfriend. You can do it! I do love how you take in those moments with your kids. Big or small…they all matter. Xo

  2. Sweetie I hear ya loud and clear. My BABY is heading out to 7th grade next year.. I am OLD .. like Moses OLD

  3. We are in the exact same boat. My oldest turns 16 next week, #2 graduates from 8th grade and the baby graduates from kindergarten. We had a band concert last night and I am blubbering through the whole thing. i’m a hot mess. I’ll buy you a drink at Blogher and we can toast our too-old babies. Erin

  4. Sending you a squeeze because this is something that all Mommy’s can relate to! Even though mine is only 2 y/o I made the mistake of looking at her newborn pictures. Bad idea!!! Wishing you luck.

  5. BIg hugs! What an roller coaster of emotions. Sometimes it would be nice to be able to freeze time. xo

  6. I was the same when my son graduated from elementary school. Seeing him in his suit and tie he looked so grown up. Here’s a hug for you, to help you get through threw that special day.

  7. My oldest graduated from high school yesterday. The best advice I ever got about it was to cry if he DIDN’T graduate, not if he did. So that’s my Pollyanna advice to you. Celebrate these milestones the same way you did when he learned to sit up or walk or say his first word. (That’s really barfy but true.)

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