I’m Just Jealous I Didn’t Think Of It First

Remember when I posted the Hastily Made Cleveland Tourism videos a while back? I’ll bet that dude’s feature on ODNT has made him a fortune by now. (sarcasm) Every now and then, I’m exposed to someone’s creative greatness. And, when I actually expel Diet Coke (not always from my mouth), I feel it’s my duty to share it here with you guys.

Enter the “literal video” phenomenon.

I took a mental health day yesterday. By that, I mean I did very little. My girl had a morning volleyball game so we got an early start. Since Dave’s out of town again, my brother met us there and took my boy out for a while to do some guy things while Viv & I got together with a few moms and daughters for lunch and general lazing.

It. Was. Marvelous.

And so you have my friend, Vanessa, to thank for these videos today. I have no idea who first came up with the idea.There’s a ton of them out there and some are WAY better than others. So, I’m just sharing a few of my favorites. If you know these original videos, you’ll laugh even harder. Enjoy!

Safety Dance – Men Without Hats 

https://dailymotion.com/video/x10450i (Stratus321)


And just one more because I love Davy Jones.

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Thanks, guys!


17 responses to “I’m Just Jealous I Didn’t Think Of It First

  1. I stumbled upon these a while back. They’re so creative!

  2. What the effing crap? That angel guy just felt me up!!!

  3. I’m quitting all my jobs and making literal videos from now on. Those of us who grew up in the 80’s have a lot of videos to work with.

    • That is EXACTLY how I feel, Chris. These people have barely scratched the surface. Can you imagine how much fun we could have with some of the kookier ones?

      Adam & the Ants … Duran Duran … The Talking Heads. THE TALKING HEADS, CHRIS!

      I’ll go get my Mr. Microphone!

  4. Thank you! Just thank you! 😀

  5. Do it! Go on, please?! They are hilarious!

  6. I feel your pain that there aren’t more of these.
    In most cases, they’re better than the songs they mock.

  7. “It’s hard to play the guitar through my tie.” HAHA! I’m watching these everyday, Michele. EVERYDAY!
    Thanks, V and M!

  8. Great videos!
    The ‘shreds’ videos are also quite fun.

  9. Ha, I love love love the Monkees! Davy was totally hot 😉

  10. And now I’m totally diverted from anything I actually wanted to do today — too much funny! I love these!!!

  11. Oh thank you for exposing me to these!!! Just a little slice of heaven in an ordinary day!

  12. Air supply made me laugh so hard! Thanks 🙂 following from the blog hop

  13. Daydream Believer…I love it! I’m a Peter Tork girl. 😉 Found you on the Hop.

  14. Found you on the Hop and this is hilarious!! Brightened my afternoon up for sure! @http://shanascott.blogspot.com/

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