A Thank You Note from Johnny Depp

I heard back from my friend, Johnny, about the birthday party we threw him the other night.

Dear Michele,

Oh, my God! I had SUCH a good time at the party last weekend. You guys rock for going to all that trouble for me. I knew it was going to be epic but I still can’t believe you actually got Tim & Helena to fly all the way over. Did you see them when they got up to sing Ebony & Ivory? They were freakin’ hilarious. PLEASE tell me someone was videotaping the karaoke stage. (Or … on second thought … maybe not. Can you imagine if some of that stuff got on YouTube? LOL!)

And you’ve got to tell your friend that her cake was incredible. I totally want her recipe. Except I’m going to sub out the walnuts for pecans. What do you think? I want to make it for the 4th of July party on the boat next month. Tell Dean & Viv we’re going to have a chocolate fountain, too. And TONS of fireworks from my cousin, Eddie. You guys better come!

Hello? And before I forget …. Happy Birthday to YOU!!!! I love that we get these three days to celebrate together every year. But seriously … next year, instead of two separate parties, let’s just have a big one together. But, this time, I’m hosting it. On the island, okay? We’ve got plenty of room for everybody to stay a few days. But everyone needs to bring his own pillow. (You know me and shared pillows. Soooo gross.)

Call me when you guys are ready for your big birthday dinner tonight. And ask Dave what he’s wearing, please. I might want to borrow a jacket from him. Maybe the light brown one. Think he’d mind? I rented the entire upstairs at Antoine’s so bring whoever you want. We can stay all night.

Talk soon,


P.S. Keith took this picture of us during our Grease Medley. Right before he passed out on your sofa all night.


* * * * * * * * * *

Feeling nostalgic?

Last year, we celebrated a whole mess of June birthdays.


6 responses to “A Thank You Note from Johnny Depp

  1. HAPPY *belated* birthday Michele, so cool that Johnny is going to celebrate with you next year (what does one have to do to get an EVITE to that??? 😉

    hope your whole MONTH (because that’s how I celebrate!) is full of CELEBRATION.

    *tosses glitter, confetti and small cubes of cheese in the air*

  2. Happy Birthday Michele! Party On! Hope it is wonderful!

  3. Happy Birthday M! You and Johnny look like you tore it up!

  4. I’ll repeat it here in case you miss it on your twitter page. A Belated Happy Birthday too you, I hope your day was very special. Sounds like you had a great double birthday weekend with Mr. Depp! 😀

  5. heeheehee – love it. Who would have thought you and Johnny were so close. I’m so jealous.

  6. Happy Birthday my friend!!!! LOVE this!! You should convince Johnny to just have one big birthday! The plan sounds good!

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