The 30 People Who Can Share My Birthday Crown

Writer’s Note … I had the post below written and ready to go for today, but then I woke up to the most amazing surprise. Two of my best friends out there wrote their posts today about ME! Stupid, boring, pain in the ass me. And I honestly could not be more flattered. My family wasn’t even awake yet and I was already smiling from ear to ear. So, you know, please read my stupid post but, even more so, please take a look at the posts of two of the sweetest people I know. And then keep on reading them. They’re WAY funnier than me anyway. Thanks, you guys!


According to Mags

El Guapo

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Dear ODNT Family,

Is it appropriate for me to write something about my own birthday? It feels weird doing it … but it feels even weirder ignoring it. So …

Happy Birthday to Me!

Today is my birthday. June 11. There’s actually a lot of great people born in June along with me. So, I picked 30 of them to honor today, listing each one on his or her actual birthday (i.e., 1 = June 1st and so on). I also listed my reasons for honoring them, even when those reasons sounded a little off the wall.

So, without further ado, I give you …

The 30 People Who Can Share My Birthday Crown

1 – Marilyn Monroe Because she’s a not-stick-thin hottie and standing next to her might make me look skinny.

2 – Jerry Mathers Because he had to go by the name ‘Beaver’ all those years.

3 – Suzi Quatro Because I’m still copying Leather Tuscadero’s hair. Although I could never master the snapping thing.

4 – Russell Brand Because his voice alone cracks me up. Forgive me?

5 – Kenny G Because including Kenny G on this list is simply hilarious to me.

6 – Robert Englund Because, without him, we might not have our June 9th honoree. Plus I was too scared to leave him out.

7 – Michael Cera Because his ‘George Michael Bluth’ reminds me SO much of my boy. “Breakfast?”

8 – Jerry Stiller Because of Frank Costanza. Enough said.

9 – Johnny Depp Because … well, duh. Have you been paying attention at all?

10 – Ruth DeBlanc Because she’s my grandmother, she’s awesome and she would have been 100 years old yesterday.

11 – Gene Wilder Because of …“Blucher!”

12 – Anne Frank Because she’s incredible and helped to get me reading as a kid.

13 – Paul Lynde Because I watched Uncle Arthur on Bewitched every afternoon. And because he somehow, amazingly, never came out of the closet.

14 – Boy George Because I dressed up as that man more times than I care to admit. And even won a contest once.

15 – Neil Patrick Harris Because he’s a fellow theater junkie. And because he plays a lothario on How I Met Your Mother.

16 – Laurie Metcalf Because Jackie was always way funnier than Roseanne.

17 – Barry Manilow Because he is music and he writes the songs (that make the whole world sing).

18 – Paul McCartney Because he’s Paul freakin’ McCartney. Seriously?

19 – Mia Sara Because I thought she was cool as Sloane Peterson. What ever happened to her?

20 – John Taylor Because of Duran Duran. And this mention is my shout out to all five of them.

21 –Leo Sayer Because he wrote some of the super groovy tunes I played in my early guitar days.

22 – Cyndi Lauper Because I met her once when she was with her son and she seemed like a really good mom.

23 – Bob Fosse Because of … Jazz Hands!

24 –Michele Lee Because she was the first person I ever saw who spelled her name the same way I do.

25 – Mike Myers Because of So I Married An Axe Murderer. Rent it.

26 – Jeff DeBlanc – Because he’s my grandfather and the only one here giving my grandmother a run for her money.

27 – Captain Kangaroo Because he gave me something to watch on TV when I was a kid. BEFORE cable.

28 – Mel Brooks Because of Young Frankenstein, Blazing Saddles & The Producers.

29 – Bret McKenzie Because of Jenny and everything he and Jemaine do in Flight of the Conchords.

30 – Ken Olin Because I so loved Thirtysomething back in the day.

Assembling this list was no small task but I had fun doing it. There were a few hard choices to make on some of the days and I was forced to leave out a number of pretty choice people. But I could only pick one person per day. Without rules, THERE WOULD BE ANARCHY… or maybe just too long of a post.

Anyway, I need to go celebrate my birthday. When I was nine, my family surprised me with tickets to see Donny & Marie live in concert. Who knows what this year will bring? Honestly, all I’m really looking for is a stress-free day where everyone is happy and my face hurts from so much smiling. And cheese.

Thanks for listening,

The Birthday Girl



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65 responses to “The 30 People Who Can Share My Birthday Crown

  1. That’s a hell of a list. Sharing a birthday with Marilyn and Suzi Quatro is bad ass. I share mine – sept 10th- with Aerosmith guitarist, Joe Perry.

    Happy Birthday my fellow bad ass nerd and awesome writer, Michele. I hope you have a great day, being awesome.

  2. Happy happy Birthday!! You deserve those two amazing posts and so much more! And it’s pretty fricken’ cool that you share your day with the REAL Willy Wonka! (no offense to your boy, but you have to give props to the original candy man)

  3. All of them are just lucky for the fame (notoriety?) associated with sharing your birthday month.
    Have a ridiculously happy birthday, and let it spill into every other day too!

  4. Nice list, I am sure they are honored to share it with you (I am sure some of them made a blog post just like this with your name where their name is).
    Happy Birthday!

    • They’ve been tweeting it to their friends ALL DAY. Honestly, it’s getting a little old.

      “Yes, Johnny. I KNOW your birthday is just two days before mine.”

      “No. I do not want to have a joint birthday party with you hosted by Tim Burton.”

      God. Leave me alone, you know?

  5. Happy Birthday my sweet and funny friend. Here’s to a happy and healthy year! And now, A virtual toast to you. (nothing with caffeine in it, though) Nerd!! 😉 Love you.

  6. Hi,
    I clicked over from El Guapo’s blog to wish you, A very Happy Birthday, I hope you have a fantastic day. 😀

  7. whiteladyinthehood

    Happy Birthday! (I remember Captain Kangaroo!! lol)

  8. And a most excellent birthday to you, Michele.

  9. I love your list, and – of course – you know who my two favorites are (not counting you). 🙂

  10. Just found you thanks to El Guapo. Happy birthday!!!

    • Thanks! Viva El Guapo!

      (I think that was actually a hillbilly mix of several languages.)

      (My apologies to any hillbillies who are reading right now.)

      (Like hillbillies can read!)

  11. A Very Happy Michele Day to YOU, ODNT!!

  12. Happy Birthday!! Marilyn Monroe, Boy George and Captain Kangaroo all on the same list, that is why I love your blog!!! 🙂

    • Thank you, dear. If I ever write a book (I’m lazy and scatterbrained so it’s highly unlikely) you should write on the book jacket for me.

      It IS called a book jacket, right? See, I can’t write a book if I don’t even know if it’s a book jacket!

  13. Happy, happy, joy, joy! Happy dance! And having Wilder and Depp on the same list, how “wonk” is that? Johnny, oh, hear, have you see Paul McCartney’s video on youtube featuring Natalie Portman and Johnny, “My Valentine”? You will cry your eyes out with joy… and I didn’t know until Guapola mentioned it, with usual wit, exactly what was up with your blog name. You are a feisty one, and good on you. I have always said it’s one of my fave blog names (along with Lance’s “My Blog Can Beat Up Your Blog,” but didn’t know the history. Love you, and thanks also for including Captain Kangaroo, one of the alltime great people in my little girl world… love, Amy

  14. Kind of dying over your inclusion of Kenny G! Happy Birthday! 🙂

  15. Happy Birthday! Who are all those “D” List people trying to steal your spotlight?

  16. Happy Birthday Michele!!!

    • Thanks, Mindy. How was your cheese?

      • nawlinsnurse

        Awesome! I would love to try one of their salads. I think people must have thought I was some sort of cheese freak (well I guess I am!) because I took so many pics ther

        Did u see the 2 posts I put on your hamster post? I found a solution to your hamster issue. 😉

  17. Happy Birthday Michele!

  18. You are in fine company!! Who doesn’t love Barry Manilow? Happy Birthday!

  19. If you like Gene Wilder, please try, “The Frisco Kid” with a young Harrison Ford. Also, a lot of the Cast of YF in, Sherlock Holmes Smarter Brother.” You’ll love them!

    • Funny that you’d suggest those two.

      (1) SHSB – I saw it as a kid and LOVED it. It was a family favorite at my house. “Come on and hop … hop … come and do the kangaroo …”

      (2) FK – my husband saw as a kid and LOVED it. He knew how I felt about GW so he insisted I watch it. But it never really took. Maybe I need to give it another go.

  20. Happy Birthday!!!!

  21. Hope you had a blessed birthday! You sure do share a BIG day with some GREAT names! Yours included 😉

  22. Happy Birthday from a random stranger!

  23. That’s so cool that you were born on your granny’s birthday! Happy belated birthday!! Hope it was a good one! (Ps my nephew was born on the 11th – 13 years old…what a fogie! ) 🙂

  24. Happy belated birthday! I love your list. My favorites are either NPH or Johnny Depp. There are LOTS of great people born in June 🙂

  25. Jennifer Worrell

    Happy Birthday–thanks for making me think of the Captain (Kangaroo, that is).

  26. Found your blog on the Top Bloggy Moms list, but only because I just had to see if anyone has clicked for me lately! LOL Very funny blog, and Happy Birthday. I ❤ Marilyn Monroe!

  27. Happy Birthday I hope your face hurts from so much smiling today! :+)

  28. That’s quite a list! I don’t know all the people in my month, but I do know that I share the day with The Rock, David Beckham, Shaun T, The Red Baron, Engelbert Humperdinck, New York Ranger Brad Richards, Bing Crosby, and Sarah Hughes.

  29. kelleysbreakroom

    Ha! This was such a fun idea. You lucky dog! You get to share a birthday with Johnny Depp! Thanks for linking this up to #findingthefunny last week!

  30. Pingback: A Thank You Note from Johnny Depp | OldDogNewTits

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