ODNT Takes Manhattan – Day 2


We saw Lady Liberty … kinda.


We had more subway adventures. Not so much rat spotting but we did get serenaded by an A Cappella group of enterprising young men on the train.


We walked the Brooklyn Bridge and guess where we landed. Duh, Brooklyn. (Are you guys even paying attention?)


There’s the Brooklyn Bridge. Do you see it? I’m pointing to it.


“Fine, Mom. Take it. But please don’t put it on Facebook.” (Technically, I kept my promise.)


From her photo session with Lucky the Hairless Cat.


His handler wanted $20 for our photo shoot. But I talked him down to a mere $10. I’m such a “genius.” (P.S. He said he NEVER gets Bigglesworth jokes and seemed to look down on me when I asked. Whatever, Mr. Get-Your-Picture-Taken-With-My-Hairless-Cat Guy.)


Rickshaw ride to the theater tonight.


Our (price-gouging) driver.


My kids especially enjoyed his braking technique.


En route in the rickshaw. I said “make a crazy face” … and here’s what I got. I think it would make a great album cover. For when my kids and I drop our next CD together.


Our somewhat unconventional theater selection for the night. Think Monty Pythonesque Peter Pan prequel. And winner of five Tonys.

* * * * * * * * * *

Of course, we did lots of other stuff, too. But I can’t include everything here. Because that would just be ridiculous.

Now wouldn’t it?

* * * * * * * * * * *

ODNT Takes Manhattan Day One


9 responses to “ODNT Takes Manhattan – Day 2

  1. You guys look great! Glad you’re having fun. 🙂

  2. Sorry I’m late to reading this post, but I WAS OUT MEETING ODNT!!!

    Downtown, there’s a guy who walks around with his cat perched on his head.
    He only charges a buck a pic.

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