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ODNT Takes Manhattan – Day 3


Yeah. That pretty much sums up my day.


First and foremost, guess who I ran into today? He’s a rock star around here and, I would bet, pretty much anywhere he goes. (pause for the inevitable curious rumble of onlookers) That’s right, ladies and gentlemen. My very first reader here at ODNT. The one … the only … El Guapo. Just as nice in person, by the way. But way taller. (He’s bending his knees & I’m on my tiptoes.)


Naturally, the kids also took a picture with Mr. Guapo. Unfortunately, they’d both left their autograph books up in the hotel room. (It was SO nice to meet you, EG. Here’s to a lengthier visit over drinks one day with our friend, Mel.)

Brief interlude #1 – In all my visits to NYC, I’ve never paid a proper visit to the Statue of Liberty. And, since my kids as well as my parents were along for this particular trip, we decided to take her on. It wasn’t until we got all the way down to Battery Park that we learned that Hurricane Sandy not only shut her down but closed off all of Liberty Island for the time being.

Stupid hurricanes. They’re still screwing me.

We’d allotted a great many hours of the day for these plans. And so it is at this moment in my photo journal where you hear the needle scratch across the record. Because everything fell off track. Which sometimes is just fine.


Seriously, how could I NOT take a picture of this sign?!!? Yes, Viv and I did race through our bathroom rituals while inside. However, I’m not going to deny that I was really hoping to look under the adjacent stall and see a couple of feet actually facing the toilet. I found it hilarious. It felt like we were in Europe.


After a perfect slice of NY white pizza (my absolute favorite), we hopped a train back uptown to Central Park …


… where we spent hours (one of the sweetest pictures I’ve ever taken) ….


… and hours …


… and hours.


We saw remote-controlled sailboats, but no Stuart Little …


… just the right combination of letters on the sundial to make her smile …


… and a bunch of big ass hawks. (I don’t think that’s their scientific name.)

Brief interlude #2 – All this talk of Central Park reminds me of my old friends, Monica, Rachel, Phoebe, Chandler, Joey and Ross. Yeah, whatever. You all know exactly who I’m talking about. And I was thinking about their cleverly-named coffee shop, Central Perk. Remember?

Which got me to thinking ….

New York has a thriving street hot dog (streetdog, if you will) industry. And thus I see a money-making opportunity here. Except I’m going to need some partners. People with lots of money and, well, pig farmers. Because I want to open my own little charcuterie on the Upper East Side. Or West Side, I’m flexible. And I plan to call it … Central Pork. Who’s in? I’m so excited I could positively squeal!


Oh, and we saw a movie being made on 5th Avenue. It may or may not be called Five to Seven. Apparently, that’s a Bond girl in the balcony. And I think it’s a French film so I’ll likely never know anything more about it.


We swung by Rockefeller Center (on our way to the NBA store) ….


… where we happened upon a tiny Stonehenge exhibit. Didn’t Nigel and the boys already try this?

* * * * * * * * * *

And, of course, we bought lots of stuff. And ate lots of street meat. That makes it a good NY trip, right?

* * * * * * * * * * *

ODNT Takes Manhattan Day OneDay Two


ODNT Takes Manhattan – Day 2


We saw Lady Liberty … kinda.


We had more subway adventures. Not so much rat spotting but we did get serenaded by an A Cappella group of enterprising young men on the train.


We walked the Brooklyn Bridge and guess where we landed. Duh, Brooklyn. (Are you guys even paying attention?)


There’s the Brooklyn Bridge. Do you see it? I’m pointing to it.


“Fine, Mom. Take it. But please don’t put it on Facebook.” (Technically, I kept my promise.)


From her photo session with Lucky the Hairless Cat.


His handler wanted $20 for our photo shoot. But I talked him down to a mere $10. I’m such a “genius.” (P.S. He said he NEVER gets Bigglesworth jokes and seemed to look down on me when I asked. Whatever, Mr. Get-Your-Picture-Taken-With-My-Hairless-Cat Guy.)


Rickshaw ride to the theater tonight.


Our (price-gouging) driver.


My kids especially enjoyed his braking technique.


En route in the rickshaw. I said “make a crazy face” … and here’s what I got. I think it would make a great album cover. For when my kids and I drop our next CD together.


Our somewhat unconventional theater selection for the night. Think Monty Pythonesque Peter Pan prequel. And winner of five Tonys.

* * * * * * * * * *

Of course, we did lots of other stuff, too. But I can’t include everything here. Because that would just be ridiculous.

Now wouldn’t it?

* * * * * * * * * * *

ODNT Takes Manhattan Day One


ODNT Takes Manhattan – Day 1

That’s it. I’ve had it with hotel internet service. It totally bites/blows/sucks, by the way. So I’m stuck clocking in on my phone. I feel like I’m carving out my blog posts in hieroglyphics on a cave wall. Whatever, Hilton Midtown Wi-Fi.

So, here’s how it’s going to go down. You won’t have all the beauty, style and grace that was my super-anal San Francisco daily journals last summer. You’ll just have my abbreviated thoughts and a few favorite pictures of the day. Plain and simple. No fancy fonts, centering and crap like that. Just the unadorned facts. Pretend like you came to my house first thing in the morning. I don’t have any make-up on yet and my hair’s in a ponytail. It’s raw and it’s real.

Yes. I KNOW it’s a bad visual. But it’s all we have, man. WE’RE FLYING WITHOUT A NET HERE!

Anyway … so I’m in NY. The whole family actually, except Dave who had some work he couldn’t escape. We keep pretty busy on these family trips so my entries will be short. And before you decide to rob my house, please remember who’s waiting for you on the inside.


He’s been trained to kill in 7 seconds, BTW.

What did we do today?


We took the subway all day and didn’t get lost. Not even once. (Really hoping to see more rats tomorrow.)


We had some pretty good pizza in Little Italy.


We had amazing foot massages in Chinatown. This sign cracked me up. My cute little therapist just laughed when I asked how many times it happened before they put it up.


While the boys took in a Yankees game, the girls saw Rodgers & Hammerstein’s Cinderella …


… where we took goofy pictures of ourselves making faces while waiting in the long bathroom line. (And paid $50 for glass slipper socks and a tiara. What a bunch of yokels.)


Then, we took more goofy pics at the Love Sculpture on 6th Avenue. This time, my mom joined in on the shenaniganstomfoolery … dumbassery.


And finally, we stopped off … very inappropriately, I might add … at Gotham Lounge for a quick one on the way home. (Anyone who thinks I stopped for anything besides the fancy olives and cheese really doesn’t know me at all.) I missed you, Mel Bugaj. You and Pat Sajak.

What a long day. I’ll try to keep sharing some pictures here and there. The city that never sleeps. Yeah. That sounds about right. (eyes crossing in fatigue)