TWENTY Pictures from the Play

Alas, another summer play is behind us. Am I proud? relieved? sad? Yes. To all three. As I’ve learned from the many shows I’ve done since I was Vivien’s age, you truly form a bond with people you see and get silly with every single day. So much so that you feel a void when these people are taken from your daily routine by something as simple as a final curtain. And, personally, I’ll never be able to hear the word “twerk” again without thinking of this show. (It’s a private joke. Don’t worry, Mom. I never twerked in this production.)

So did I take any pictures? Well, what do you think? I just wish I’d gotten to everyone in the cast. Unfortunately, I was limited to the moments I was offstage and actually had a camera handy.

To the cast and crew of All Shook Up, thanks for giving my girl and me a great summer. We’ll be thinking about all of you when we visit Graceland next month. Can’t wait ’til next year!


Me and my best girl. Yes, she’s as tall as me now. I should’ve sprung for the platform blue suedes.


With two of Viv’s best pals. What was I thinking taking such a close-up shot with three, fresh-faced 12-year-olds? (Next time, background, Michele. Background.)


Fine. I’ll remove myself from this one. Because what’s better than three sweet young girls doing the old school Charlie’s Angels thing?


How about three sweet young boys? Dressed as church ladies?


And speaking of which … old lady selfies. Because I might not get that chance again for (cough) fifty years.


We just couldn’t take enough old lady pictures.


Getting our crotchety on right before the big number.


The guy who could do everything from channel Elvis to fix a wedding dress. And I should probably mention he was also one of our two directors.


Only six of the one hundred forty-four blue suede shoes in the show.


So glad this lady did the show with me.


Dressing room selfie. Anyone remember B*tchy Resting Face? (Is it weird that I censored that word given my blog name? Probably.)


Me and “the Mechanic’s Daddy.”


The bus. Oh, dear God, the bus. Good times, Mitzi.


The last night of the show a gang? gaggle? hunka-hunka-herd of Rolling Elvi stopped by to wish us luck. Naturally, I had to get a picture.


This shot might be my favorite. We just love it when that happens.

Until we meet again in Memphis, Elvis.

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7 responses to “TWENTY Pictures from the Play

  1. It really was a fun play. Sorry to all who missed it !! Can’t wait to hear what the play will be next summer.

  2. You all did such a wonderful job! What a fabulous show…I feel so lucky that Emma could be a part of it with you and Viv. Xoxo

  3. I love these pictures. You both look fantastic. You are going to be the CUTEST old lady ever!! 🙂

  4. Every single one of them made me smile. That bitchy resting face is PERFECT, have you been practicing? 😉

    Viv is so lucky and so are you, to have each other and a love of these shows. I keep thinking, “maybe Jacob and I will be in shows together” and I get the warm fuzzies.

    thanks for sharing these awesome moments with those of us who couldn’t get tickets.

  5. Everyones face looks so happy and content. Nice to see you guys are having fun. #WW

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