11 Things We Collect in My Household

Last call for Blog Posts by Number Month!

To be included in our list of Awesome Bloggers Who Sang Along to the Music (title still pending) on June 30, just write a numbered post. It’s easy. Write something like “Seven Reasons I Love Polka Bands” or “Nine Things You Shouldn’t Do at the  Library” then let us know about it. Mel and I have been writing numbered posts all month. Scroll back through June to check them out.

And yes. I AM getting to today’s post. It’s a fun one!


1. Photo Statuettes of the Kids (13)

I honestly wish there were more.


2. Mini NFL Football Helmets (32)

He’s got the full collection. Thanks to gumball machines, Gigi and eBay.


3. Mini-Pennants (122)

Every one of his wall borders is covered. Thanks to the NFL, NBA, MLB and NHL.


4. Milo’s Cat Whiskers (43)

I’m not sure what the eventual plan is for these collectibles but we could probably make mini-placements. Ooh, or napkin rings!


5. Disney Lanyard Pins (16)

It’s a neat way to pass the time for a kid at Disney World. Because there aren’t already enough ways to do that.


6. Garden Flags (16)

 I think this collection officially makes me an old lady. Especially because we even have one for the cat.


7. Wall Clocks (2)

After considering the amount of work I’d have to do with every time change, I elected to stop here.


8. Theater Programs (84)

I keep one from every show I see or do. Thanks to Hurricane Katrina, this collection is almost complete. Almost.


9. Disney Soft Dolls (9)

Vivien aims to collect every female in this line for her as-of-yet-fictitious, future daughter.


10. Eggshells (180)

No, we’re not freaks. They’re for the confetti egg booth at our school’s annual fair.


11. Dust Bunnies (ummm …)

Because, well, Milo. I treat them like Rorschach ink blots. I think this one looks a little like a three-legged frog. What do YOU see?


What about YOU?

What do YOU collect at YOUR house?

(Please don’t say human hair, bones or fingernails.)


June is Blog Post by Numbers Month. Wanna play with Mel and me? Just write a “listy-type” post with a number in the title (ex. FOUR Reasons I Love Mayonnaise, SIX Things You Can Do With A Paper Clip). Then link back to us and tweet us about it so we can include you on June 30th in our final list: (Number-Yet-To-Be-Determined) Great Bloggers Who Played the Blog Post by Numbers Game!

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6 responses to “11 Things We Collect in My Household

  1. Love this! The photo statuettes are so cool! I’ve never seen something like that before. And the dust bunny/ink blot is hilarious!
    I collect Zander’s baby teeth…Is that weird??!

  2. My 3 year old would die for the Disney Princess soft doll collection. And she has Anna and Elsa?! Who did you have to hurt to get those? 😉

    • Please know that I did NOT pay an arm and a leg for those items. I refuse to pander to the thieves. Rather, I watched eBay very closely and, when I finally saw a fair price, I jumped. For the record, the prices for these two dolls are now dropping everywhere.

  3. Love The helmets and the pennants. Very cool collections, all around.

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