It’s the Great Parental Fail, Charlie Brown!


Picture it. The girl and I had just snuggled up together to watch a beloved holiday special for, presumably, the 12th year in a row when this happened.

* * * * * * * *

HER: “Why does Susan keep moving the football and messing up his kick?”

ME: “Who??”

HER: “SUSAN!!” (exasperated) “Or whatever her name is.”

ME: (surprised) “You don’t know her NAME?”

HER: “Nope. Guess not.”


HER: “Oh. That sounds a lot like Susie.”

ME: “What the … Who the heck is Susie??”

HER: “The little blonde girl. You know, the one who likes Linus.”

ME: (dumbfounded) “You mean Sally??”

HER: “That’s right. Sally. Sounds like Susie to me.”

ME: “So … you thought two of the Peanuts character names were SusAN and SusIE?”

HER: “What??? At least I know Linus and Charlie Brown. Oh, and Dirt Bag!”

ME: (under my breath) “Oh, my God.” (flabbergasted) “DIRT BAG?!!?”

HER: “Yeah. You know, the dirty kid. What’s his name again?”

ME: (pulling my hair out) “It’s Pig Pen. PIG!!! PEN!!! How do you not KNOW this?”(chastising myself) “I feel like I’ve failed you as a mother.”

HER: (laughing at me) “It’s fine, Mom. As long as I know Snoopy, right? … And Woodchuck.”

Me: (face-palm)

* * * * * * * *


Is she doing this on purpose?



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12 responses to “It’s the Great Parental Fail, Charlie Brown!

  1. We write LOL quite a bit, here on the internet, but I actually DID laugh out loud with “dirt bag” and “woodchuck” fact I want to share this all over social media because it’s the kind of chuckle the world needs right now.

    Psst. I think she’s just messing with you.

  2. Woodchuck!! Hahahahahahahahaha!!

  3. She has to be kidding. She just HAS to be. Right…?

  4. hilarious! Dirt bag! bahahaha!

  5. lol Thanks for the laugh… I do hope she’s messing with you.

  6. 😀 that was too funny. Stopping by from mama kats kelley at the road goes ever ever on

  7. Well I mean…he is a bit of a dirt bag. I think I like her names better.

  8. My teenage girl started forgetting the names of people all the time (Aunts and Uncles included). I have been chalking it up to hormones. It could also be a power trip because she knows it aggravates me and what better than to aggravate your mother when you are a teenager?
    Dirt Bag – HA.

  9. Awesome! This reminds me of whose on first comedy skit!! Lol!!

  10. Dirtbag. Haha!!! And I like how I can actually hear you saying “LUUU-CEEEE” in my head. And picturing your face while reading is funny, too. Aaaaaand now I’ve made it awkward. 😛

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