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I won $50 … and here’s what I’m doing with it!

Um … I won.

I won that little writing contest hosted over at www.midlifecollage.com.

(I couldn’t have a won a contest at wittywoman.com or funnymom.com. Nope. I had to win at itsalldownhillfromhere.com. …. Just kidding, midlifecollage. I love you guys!)

I entered a story that was first published right here at ODNT called The Day Things Got Hairy at Disney World.  Remember? And I want to thank my friend, Mel, at According to Mags for pushing me to write it all down, Disney World for offering up its malfunctioning ride as the backdrop for the story and, most importantly, my boy for embarrassing the snot out of me in the first place.

Less than a week ago, I wrote a post about the contest and some of the many things I could buy with the $50 prize. I didn’t want to appear too eager at the time so I just left it at that.

But now … with the good news tucked safely next to the oversized comb in my back pocket … I’ve decided on my purchase.

Click here to see how I feel I can best spend the fifty bucks.

And you all know good and well that the blog will be affected by this special purchase. I have plans, people. Big plans.

Stay tuned for more … and thanks for your support!


I want your vote. Well, that and $50.

Remember my terribly embarrassing story entitled The Day Things Got Hairy at Disney World? Well, it’s in a little contest. So, if you want to read four other great entries and then (hopefully) vote for mine, please visit www.midlifecollage.com.

When it comes to these contests, I’m a terrible participant … and here’s why.

(A) I despise self-promotion. Honestly. I am more embarrassed asking for your vote than I was that infamous day at Disney World.

(B) I have absolutely no idea when this contest ends so, um, go vote soon. Seriously … I’ll wait here for you.

(C) I really want the $50.

Perhaps you can help me decide what to do with the money IF I should win. After an extensive Google search, I’ve assembled this list of items, all available for $50 or less.

Where do you think this (potential) money would be best spent?

Oh, and wait.. All of this is only possible if I win the contest. So, stop reading. Now. Go vote. I’ll even list the link again so you don’t have to scroll back up. I know how exhausting that can be.