I want your vote. Well, that and $50.

Remember my terribly embarrassing story entitled The Day Things Got Hairy at Disney World? Well, it’s in a little contest. So, if you want to read four other great entries and then (hopefully) vote for mine, please visit www.midlifecollage.com.

When it comes to these contests, I’m a terrible participant … and here’s why.

(A) I despise self-promotion. Honestly. I am more embarrassed asking for your vote than I was that infamous day at Disney World.

(B) I have absolutely no idea when this contest ends so, um, go vote soon. Seriously … I’ll wait here for you.

(C) I really want the $50.

Perhaps you can help me decide what to do with the money IF I should win. After an extensive Google search, I’ve assembled this list of items, all available for $50 or less.

Where do you think this (potential) money would be best spent?

Oh, and wait.. All of this is only possible if I win the contest. So, stop reading. Now. Go vote. I’ll even list the link again so you don’t have to scroll back up. I know how exhausting that can be.



4 responses to “I want your vote. Well, that and $50.

  1. Ok…already voted. And I am gonna say the photo with Newt. (because there is a Python reference in there somewhere 😉

  2. I think you should use it to buy treats for your namesake! I have heard cows love candy canes, bread and gummy worms! Think of how much you could buy with 50 bucks!

    Or a set of Uncle Jimmy’s Hanging Balls!

    ….get your mind out of the gutter


  3. For me it would be a toss up between the hunk of cheese or the Barbie with the Bastard side kick!

  4. When you win you gotta buy the cheese.

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