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What Happens at the Million MILF March stays … well, actually, I’m spilling it all right here.

This weekend, my friend Melissa and I participated in an event here in New Orleans aptly titled the Million Milf March. A two-day party benefiting the Friends in Need Foundation, the MMM was created and coordinated by a fellow writer & crazy person who goes by the name Hot Mess Mom (HMM). Funny thing is that she’s anything but. Clearly, this chick has run the show a few times before in her life.

The MMM weekend kicked off with a big party Friday night at Fulton on Tap. (For my New Orleans friends, that’s where The 12 Bar used to be.) There was a lot of great local food, booze, a live band and a charity auction. But I wasn’t there. I know. WHAT a loser. HMM’s going to have some pictures on her site soon. Tell her I said hi when you stop by to check them out.

Anyway … Saturday was a different story. We were there. All day. Melissa and I volunteered at the registration table so we got to Ernst Cafe bright and early at 8:30am. We took this picture as soon as we got there.


And I texted it to my mom and a few friends.


Obviously, I didn’t accurately explain where I was going to my friends and family.

We started with a couple of Bloody Marys, which hit the spot in the 120 degree heat. It was HMM’s 40th birthday so the fun had already started before we even got there. Plus, her husband surprised her by flying in for the event. (I know. Awww.) And Melissa and I sweated it out checking in lots of enthusiastic women (and men) over the next several hours.


The first hour of the pub crawl was held right there at Ernst Cafe. It was the perfect spot to get everyone warmed up for the next stop just down the street. The second hour was spent at the Red Eye and, clearly, the bartenders were more than ready for us. My brother lives around the corner so he met up with everybody at that point and just about fell over laughing when he saw what was going on inside.








This one’s my brother, by the way. He totally had his pants on the whole time.

Oh, and there were some incredible hula hoop dancers there. These ladies were soooo freakin’ good.

And they managed to get one of the bartenders out on the floor. It’s a pretty hilarious nine seconds.

And we still weren’t done. The third hour of the pub crawl was hosted by the Howlin’ Wolf, which is a premier music venue in the city who showed us all a great time. Where nobody took their pants off.

The last stop on the tour was Generations Hall who hosted the closing party with lots of food, Abita beer, music & dancing.

Plus a few other special activities. First, the lesson …

And then the test. Gravity really deserves all of the credit here. Sad, huh? Not only can I scratch this one off my career choices, but now I can’t even run for President!

Oh, yeah! And the photo booth. I almost forgot the photo booth. The first set is my brother and me. And the second is the two of us plus Melissa and her pal, Brian. What a buncha doofs …


Thanks, Hot Mess Mom, for such a fun day! Can’t wait ’til next year.

Now … Who’s coming WITH me?