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CRAP! This post is for all of my Email Subscribers!

WARNING: You just received an incomplete post from me. It’s like eating raw cookie dough or going to a party while the host is still naked. Delicious and funny but not as good as waiting for the finished product.

This is what happens when you attempt to write a post while also watching TV with your kids. Do me a solid. You know that ‘Happy First Anniversary, ODNT!’ post you just got an email about? Well, it’s not finished cooking yet. I’ll be posting it again in its completed form after midnight on my actual one year anniversary. Which is … tomorrow.

I don’t know why I thought I could write a post AND watch TV at the same time. Damn you, America’s Got Talent! I blame Howard Stern and the dude taking shots to his crotch as his “talent.”

To sum up, IGNORE the first post email you just received. EMBRACE the second one you get after midnight!