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Ketchup With Us #BlogHop 38

It’s time for Ketchup With Us. Held on the 1st & 15th of every month, the link-up gives you two ways to play. You can either (A) set a timer for 10 minutes and write about whatever pops into your head OR (B) link up an old post. Mel and I are easy that way.

For this link-up, I’m choosing A, the brain drain method.

What can I write about? What … can … I … write … about? (dramatic pause) Oooh! I know. I’ll tell you about when the picture below was taken last summer. It involves my dad again. Didn’t I write about him last time? Well, he’s awesome, so there’s why.

Anyway, my family was on vacation last summer. My kids and I actually flew to New York City with my parents (Dave was working at the time) and spent a few days there.  Then, we took a train from there to Philadelphia. And when I say we almost missed that train, I mean I actually hopped over the entrance threshold as the wheels started turning. I really should have done it in slow motion. In black-and-white. I felt like an old-time movie character. But I’m losing focus here.

So, we arrived in Philadelphia, a city I hadn’t seen since I was a very young child, and took in all the usual sights. Even met up briefly with my friend, Mel, and her family who were traveling to visit other family members just north of Philly. Our nine-headed monster of a group did a lot together including the Liberty Bell, the home of Betsy Ross and so much more. When Mel and company had to move on, we finished up in Philadelphia on a bus tour that took us to several more must-see locations.

And remember, I am an idiot. So when *I* say “must-see,” I usually mean something like the diner in Seinfeld, the coffee shop in Friends or the Rocky steps. All of which I have, of course, seen. (Click here for video of that last one. Seriously, it’s like 15 seconds.) Thus, when the opportunity to see the bar behind the offbeat FX comedy series It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia presented itself, I totally hopped off that bus. But my kids certainly weren’t coming with me to a neighborhood bar so my mom stayed back with them and rode on to the next stop but my dad hopped off with me.

He’s actually the one who encouraged me to throw on the red suit and take a picture behind the bar (see below). I guess I DO get it from somewhere. (Love you, too, Mom.)  …. and beep! 10 minutes done.

Our esteemed Ketchup With Us Featured Writer from last time is …

Coach Daddy


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We give you a picture to inspire you to KetchupWithUs. In honor of St. Patrick’s Day, we’ll share this one. It was taken last summer at Paddy’s Pub, the bar that serves as the inspiration for It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

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Mrs. ODNT Goes to Philadelphia – Day 3

Today was our last full day in Philadelphia. And it was a rainy one. Which meant my hair looked a lot like what it looks like every day of the summer back home in New Orleans. (Stupid humidity.) And, in an effort to cover a lot of ground quickly, we opted to buy tickets for one of those hop-on/hop-off sightseeing buses. You know the ones? The double deckers and such? (Don’t make fun. They’re popular for a reason.) Anyway, here are a few highlights.


Do we have any It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia fans out there?


The owners were very cool. They even invited me behind the bar.

We also stopped off at the U.S. Mint, Philadelphia branch. NO PICTURES ALLOWED! (Sorry.) And it was an interesting albeit completely self-guided tour. Seriously, we needed to show ID to get in, submit all bags for inspection and even be checked out a little ourselves. And then it was like someone said, “Make yourselves at home. There’s some soup on the stove. Just lock up when you’re done.” We didn’t see an employee anywhere in the entire place. So I probably could’ve taken lots of pictures.

We missed the Chinatown stop (Oops! No foot massage today) and got off instead at the Reading Terminal Market. You might remember it from day one in Philly. And guess what Viv and I got for lunch … again? If you’re not silently mouthing the word “cheese” at your computer screen, then you must have just landed in ODNT country. Cheese it was … and it was good. And we shopped a little while there, too … until the bus called.

The kids and I got off next at the Franklin Institute. You might remember it from day two in Philly. (We are a loyal people and know what we like.) Apparently, Dean and Vivien had some unfinished business to take care of there, including walking through a ginormous replica of a working heart. With me in tow.


Of course, the thing came complete with a deafening heartbeat. I felt like an Edgar Allen Poe character.

From there, since the last bus was rolling around, we opted to hop back on and ride it to the end. It sounded easy (we’ve walked an average of 80 blocks every day … I counted) and educational (because the dude never stops telling you about the city). Once at the end, we jumped in a cab to spend time at one of the stops for which we weren’t able to de-bus.


Seriously, you guys had to see this one coming, right? Me and the Rocky Balboa statue. (Spoiler: I took a few other pictures there and, duh, on the steps, too. I’ll be using them later.)


Because who’s going to pass up this opportunity?


We walked about 247 miles back to our hotel, stopping only once to take the requisite picture by the LOVE sculpture.

Sorry, Philly, but the NYC LOVE statue kicks this one’s butt.

* * * * * * * * *

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When TITS is part of your blog name

When I set out to name this blog, I bounced around a lot of different ideas with a lot of different people. Most of these ideas were too lame to remember, much less post, but I do recall clunkers like ‘Making Mountains out of Molehills’ and ‘Two Boobs are Better than None.’ Alright, calm down. I told you they sucked. They’re too obvious .. and limited.  Too boob-centric, if you will.  And I’m not all about the boob, you guys. I am an interesting, colorful and multi-layered human being.

So, one night while my husband and I were out having drinks (and some sinful culinary creation called Gouda Beignets), we played around with a lot of these different ideas … including the crappers above … and happened upon Old Dog, New Tits.  We both busted out laughing … maybe it was the booze … and decided that was it.  Even though it would have to mean my being cool with calling myself an ‘old dog.’ I decided to hear it in my head as its streetsmart cousin …  ‘dawg’ … and ran with it.

So, I bought the domain and got to work.

And I remember telling my friends about the name and getting the same initial reaction from them. Laughter. (That’s good, right?)  Except for one friend who seemed concerned with using the word ‘tits’ in my blog name.  “Aren’t you afraid it might turn some people off?” she asked me.  And I responded with “Well, my MOM likes it.” (She’s a pretty reliable hash mark on the prude-to-offensive yardstick. Right, mom?)

Of course, I will give my friend this credit. Having ‘tits’ in the title has prevented my inclusion in certain blog directories. But … I’ve learned that those directories are not so much the ones in which I want to be listed anyway. (Whatever, blog directories. I won’t bash you over it. Here. In writing. Where there’s proof.) Oh, and ‘tits’ has navigated many a colorful Googler to my website. It’s actually one of the primary words that leads ‘Googlers’ to me. (I so wish I could see the disappointment on their faces when arrive at ODNT.)

And, seriously, let’s take a look at the tiny little word ‘tit’ for a minute.  As some of you may already know, it’s one of the original Seven Words You Can Never Say On Television, a groundbreaking comedy bit made famous by George Carlin.  Remember?  Well, if you don’t, I’m posting it here.


George said the same thing that I’ve been saying all this time. ‘Tits’ soooooo should not be keeping the kind of company it’s keeping here. The other six are killer words that you’ll only see on premium cable. Or maybe a Tarantino film. (Is he still relevant enough to mention in a blog post?) My point is … “tits” is harmless word. It sounds like a skin condition a dog gets or, as my friend George said, even a snack food. New from Frito-Lay!

‘Pass the cheese tits, please.”

Tit. It’s a cute little word.  A palindrome. And it’s only three letters.  How bad can it be? Right? … RIGHT???