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Kids Today are Soft & and Here are Some of the Reasons Why (EXTREME MAKEOVER EDITION)

Thanks to the good people at the Britely company, I’ve remodeled yet another ODNT post. I say “remodeled” because transforming my charming but old-fashioned blog post into a beautiful, new Brite book with more curb appeal reminds me a lot of real estate rehab. And I found a great article to help me get started on eHow entitled How to Fix Up a House & Sell it Fast. I think the advice works either way.

Click here to see the BEFORE picture of this post.


1. Look at the house (blog post) from a buyer’s (reader’s) point of view.

  • Good God, that is a CRAP load of text, isn’t it?

2. Smell the house (blog post). If it smells like mold, pet urine or cigarettes, it needs a thorough cleaning before a buyer ever steps in the door.

  • Well? … DOES IT???

3. Determine what repairs (edits) are necessary.

  • Duh. Less words. More pictures, right?

4. Check with the local building permits office.

  • I have no idea how this one is relevant to my blog but it sure sounds important, doesn’t it?

5. Clean up the property (content). Trim (edit) or remove (delete) overgrown trees and bushes (useless crap), mow the yards (cut the rambling), wash the windows (spell check) and power wash the exterior, driveway and sidewalk (beg my friend, Mel, to double check everything).

  • Here’s hoping you like its newer, trimmer, less-uriney-smelling cousin.

Click the image below to see the AFTER picture of this post … as a Brite.


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