Kids Today are Soft & and Here are Some of the Reasons Why (EXTREME MAKEOVER EDITION)

Thanks to the good people at the Britely company, I’ve remodeled yet another ODNT post. I say “remodeled” because transforming my charming but old-fashioned blog post into a beautiful, new Brite book with more curb appeal reminds me a lot of real estate rehab. And I found a great article to help me get started on eHow entitled How to Fix Up a House & Sell it Fast. I think the advice works either way.

Click here to see the BEFORE picture of this post.


1. Look at the house (blog post) from a buyer’s (reader’s) point of view.

  • Good God, that is a CRAP load of text, isn’t it?

2. Smell the house (blog post). If it smells like mold, pet urine or cigarettes, it needs a thorough cleaning before a buyer ever steps in the door.

  • Well? … DOES IT???

3. Determine what repairs (edits) are necessary.

  • Duh. Less words. More pictures, right?

4. Check with the local building permits office.

  • I have no idea how this one is relevant to my blog but it sure sounds important, doesn’t it?

5. Clean up the property (content). Trim (edit) or remove (delete) overgrown trees and bushes (useless crap), mow the yards (cut the rambling), wash the windows (spell check) and power wash the exterior, driveway and sidewalk (beg my friend, Mel, to double check everything).

  • Here’s hoping you like its newer, trimmer, less-uriney-smelling cousin.

Click the image below to see the AFTER picture of this post … as a Brite.


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and good luck will befall you within 48 hours.

And who doesn’t need good luck?



10 responses to “Kids Today are Soft & and Here are Some of the Reasons Why (EXTREME MAKEOVER EDITION)

  1. The Noid!Nice reference.
    I truly hope the records, Beta tapes (and Chuck Norris bootleg) are YOUR photos.
    Technically Nu Zoo Revue was live action, not a cartoon. Come on, Ms ODNT, we had some classics! Smurfs!

    • Yes, I recognize the incongruity of the New Zoo Revue. But when it came to an example of the poor children’s programming of our time, it just begged for inclusion here.

      And, alas, these are not my relics (thanks to Hurricane Katrina). However, if I were to go to my parents’ house for some of these babies, I could open a VHS museum!

      • Yes I was thinking – don’t tell me Katrina took your most sentimental items and left you all the BETAs.

        Then again, some people REEEAALLY love The Delta Force (with Chuck Norris).

  2. I would love to touch on the irony of the woman that writes green on green. But I won’t. I’m a gentleman!

    • Thank your lucky stars you don’t live in NOLA or I’d be coming to your house (yes, YOURS!) so you could help me redesign this mother! And don’t even get me STARTED on the spam problem.

      Perhaps I should rename that folder the Delphin folder. 🙂

  3. Did not recognize the new zoo review. I’m too old? Maybe. The good cartoons were (the original) Tom & Jerry, Road Runner & Johnny Quest. Wasn’t there one about some banana group or something? It’s kinda far back and really hazy. Have to admit to having had the original “Pong” AND electronic football (it sucked, even for the 70’s).

    NOLA trip all set for Oct. 6. Can’t wait to get back to all that scrumptious food and music and partying!

  4. Oh boy, that was awesome! Memories!!! I totally watched the New Zoo Revue. It was the only crap on that early in the morning before my mom took me to the babysitter. I’m gonna have to try this Britely thing out. Way cool!

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