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Checking in with Mr. Kleinpeter …

Dear Mr. Kleinpeter,

I’m not sure you’ve been checking the blog lately but you’re a hero, Mr. K. Unique people usually are. I’m awfully glad I bought the funky milk so I could make your acquaintance. 🙂

As far as “milk copywriting” is concerned, that’s just part of my convoluted but sincere effort to get paid to write. It’s what writers do (as we’re almost always looking for work) unless we’re lucky enough to be the first to think of creating a mythologically fantastic world of wizards and/or vampires.

So … if you’re ever looking for a new (slightly irreverent) product pitcher or you want to tell the real story of Kleinpeter Dairy (“Behind the Moo-sic?”) … I hope you’ll give me a ring. And I’ll add that I might just be the biggest lover of all things cheese out there. That’s got to give me some kind of street cred in the dairy community.

Until then, I’ll just keep drinking your milk and sharing this great story. People love it so much that the post with my first letter to Kleinpeter won a contest this week.

Yours in homogeneity,
(and I mean that in the best possible way)


One more thing, Mr. Kleinpeter … that is if you’re still reading …

The vintage Kleinpeter commercial below (listed as 1991, but looking more like 1981) is an example of what I would NOT do as your milk copywriter. Quenching your thirst with milk after a “rigorous” Jane Fonda aerobic video? Oh, I can do better. 🙂