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Now taking ideas for what’s acceptable to hurl off a Mardi Gras float

Today’s Weight … 121.7

I ate cheese, damn it! In pizza form! TWO deliciously-evil, triangular-shaped pizza forms!

Don’t get it? Check this post.

My kids are riding in a parade this weekend. This is New Orleans, remember? It’s their first experience and, needless to say, they are totally pumped. As such, I’ve spent the last few weeks scouring our closets, cabinets, drawers, pantry, pockets, shed, yard, cat box and sofa cushions for trinkets or anything that would be appropriate for chucking off a float. If you’re not from NOLA, know that I’ve caught everything from large leafy vegetables to five-foot Tweety Bird plushes to real, non-novelty underwear … so everything in this house is fair game. I’ve also badgered everyone within driving distance offering to pick up their household sludge. Plus, I visited the nearest Mardi Gras supply store (they abound here) to purchase a few choice items that my kids specifically requested for their stash. The boy’s number one throw request? Moon pies. And the girl’s? Stuffed animals.


Holy crap. Someone call ‘Hoarders.’ (God, I hope we have enough …)

My girl’s so excited about riding that she used it as the theme for her English assignment yesterday to create a cinquain (don’t feel bad – I totally had to look it up, too) which is a class of poetic forms that employ a 5-line pattern. She showed me her creation while she was doing her homework today.

Very cute. She’s got the crown, the masks, all the Carnival colors … it seems right on, yes?


Until I zoomed in a little …


“Fighting, Acting, Yelling??” Well … now she makes us sound like a bunch of uncivilized, redneck hillbillies!

Of course, I guess I’m doing my job right selling it to her as a mom (a New Orleans mom) because she followed up that colorfully violent description with “A Great Experience for Everyone” and “Incredible.”

I guess we are what we are down here. And my kids are riding with their dad anyway. So, if there’s going to be any “fighting” over airborne crap thrown in my direction, I will be the one doing it. Cross your fingers my kids don’t see me.


It could be worse. She could have named it ‘Fluffy.’

Today’s entry is short and sweet. Why? Because it’s fair weekend at my children’s school. That means kids are overeating, parents are overdrinking and just about everyone is overspending … all weekend. All in the name of raising money for the school.

So far, I’ve worked in the fair’s beer booth (hard work … but there were perks) and a yummy NOLA restaurant booth. And, so far, I’ve ingested fried crab balls, fried cheese, fried Oreo beignets … see a trend here? Oh, yeah. And beer. I’ll definitely need to do a little detox next week.

And we also brought home a new family pet.

When the fair had only been underway for an hour, my daughter approached us with her first goldfish win. I will add that last year we took home ELEVEN! She had actually won more than ELEVEN but my enterprising kid took it upon herself to trade some of her goldfish for Cokes, food tickets and even money. Sure it was embarrassing to hear from the other kids’ parents … but, frankly, I was relieved not to have to deal with more fish (than ELEVEN!) and kind of proud of her entrepreneurial spirit.

Anyway, as we were putting our overtired, confetti-haired, glitter-cheeked, junk food-filled little girl to bed last night, we asked her what she wanted to name her fish. And, without hesitation, she answered “Steve.”

Expecting Goldie, Swimmy, Finn or one of the other tired standbys, we just about fell over laughing at our daughter’s wit. Of course, we had both had a few by then.

Wow, would you look at the time?!!? I have to run. I’m expected in the Rock Band booth shortly. If I don’t go in knowing every word to ‘Don’t Stop Believin’ and ‘Eye of the Tiger,’ I will soon.

Have a great weekend.


Introducing Steve … and his old pal, Patrick.