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THREE Posts Written About Johnny Depp

Happy Birthday, Johnny. You’re 51 today. Which boggles the mind and raises so many questions for me personally. Do I really have a crush on a 51-year-old man? Is 51, like, the new 27? Or does all of this nonsense really just indicate the fact that I’m the one getting old?

(eyes closed, fingers in ears) LALALALALALA! Nope! Never mind. Don’t answer that!

So, in honor of his special day, we’re taking a look back at the many … many … MANY  blog posts I’ve written about Mr. Depp.


1. A Thank You Note From Johnny Depp

2. Ten Things That Are Now 50 Years Old

3. Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner? (Hint: Johnny Depp)

(spit-taking my water because I don’t care much for coffee) Three??? I’VE ONLY WRITTEN THREE?!!? (noticeably disappointed in self) And I call myself a fan. Apparently, I really need to up my stalker game. (shaking head at self in disgust) Well, in my defense, I said I was listing the posts I wrote ABOUT Johnny. Had I been listing the posts I’ve written that simply MENTIONED him, our number would be a much more impressive … eighteen. (hold for applause)

There. That should satisfy them enough to let me keep my limited edition fan club lapel pin. (exhale of relief)


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