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Katy Perry and her troublemaking boobs

Okay, so just yesterday, I wrote that I don’t think about boobs every day … and then I went to a Katy Perry concert last night.  Try NOT to think about boobs at a concert where the megastar kicks off the show wearing a Candyland-inspired dress complete with spinning peppermint boob décor.   A google search for a picture of the minty dress revealed that her boobs have apparently been a hot topic in the news over the years.  Among the humorous results:

 — Katy Perry ET Big Boobs Bouncing Live Performance Firework Divas

— Katy Perry shows her breasts – You Tube

— Katy Perry’s Boobs – Exposed! Katy Perry’s Exclusive – You Tube

— Jessi J: Katy Perry’s boobs are amazing

— Flavorwire – The Top Ten Katy Perry Boob Moments

— Katy Perry and Her Boobs were on SNL Last Night

— Katy Perry’s Mom Hates Her Breasts

and …. my hands-down favorite …

— Katy Perry’s Breasts Get ‘Sesame Street’ Ban

 The VERY BENIGN video is below.  Fairly prudish, if you ask me.