Katy Perry and her troublemaking boobs

Okay, so just yesterday, I wrote that I don’t think about boobs every day … and then I went to a Katy Perry concert last night.  Try NOT to think about boobs at a concert where the megastar kicks off the show wearing a Candyland-inspired dress complete with spinning peppermint boob décor.   A google search for a picture of the minty dress revealed that her boobs have apparently been a hot topic in the news over the years.  Among the humorous results:

 — Katy Perry ET Big Boobs Bouncing Live Performance Firework Divas

— Katy Perry shows her breasts – You Tube

— Katy Perry’s Boobs – Exposed! Katy Perry’s Exclusive – You Tube

— Jessi J: Katy Perry’s boobs are amazing

— Flavorwire – The Top Ten Katy Perry Boob Moments

— Katy Perry and Her Boobs were on SNL Last Night

— Katy Perry’s Mom Hates Her Breasts

and …. my hands-down favorite …

— Katy Perry’s Breasts Get ‘Sesame Street’ Ban

 The VERY BENIGN video is below.  Fairly prudish, if you ask me.


2 responses to “Katy Perry and her troublemaking boobs

  1. I never understood the Sesame Street “ban”… My child has seen more of *my* boobs than that! LMAO! It’s funny how prudish America really is, but yet, we create and spread most of the hype concerning female body image to the rest of the world. Go figure…

  2. Thank you for posting the link. I had wondered about this skit, but never seachedfor it. How crazy! It’s adorable! What a shame. There’s nothing sexual about this video.

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