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When did all the wine makers get so pissy?

I went wine shopping today.  Well, I really went grocery shopping but it turned into wine shopping … because I was at a different store than usual. Every so often, I cheat on my regular nearby grocer and visit the place I went today because they stock things I can’t find anywhere else. And, when I just have to have things like my Mon Cuisine Vegan Moroccan Chicken frozen dinners, it’s my go-to place.

The wine section at this store actually comes staffed with its own personnel, ready and willing to offer recommendations and assist me with any questions I may have. That’s service. And because I spent about twenty minutes browsing the bottles while my dairy products curdled in the cart, I had to beat off the wine guys three or four times. They likely soon realized I was an idiot anyway when I started snapping pictures of the bottles found below.

And I’ll ask again – When did all of the wine makers get so pissy? Once I saw the first label, it became a game to find more ‘angry’ bottles so I could share this completely useless information with you.







Sure.  They think I’m crazy at that store now. But it was worth it. And I did come home with a pleasantly-named Malbec so I didn’t completely waste their time.