My New BFF is Alec Baldwin

He answered, you guys!

A mere eight hours after my last post (A Letter to my Dear Friend, Alec Baldwin) … plus a week’s worth of tweets from myself and others (you people kick ass, by the way) … he finally answered.

Here’s the tweet that finally drew him in:

MeJust sitting at my girl’s dance class. Two hours of my book, my laptop & my Twitter account. Whatcha doing?

And his pithy reply:

Alec – What else? Working.

Well, no. I never said he sent me an epistle but since I was willing to accept “OMG! F off!” I considered this tweet a victory.

Need proof?


Anyway, all is right with the world again. Alec and I will probably be lunching at a popular hot spot in town this weekend if you’re looking for me. I’ll tell him you said hi.

Also, a special thanks to my Twitter friends @Guapowitz, @JuliesMusings, @SmokieMeats, @stnkyferit, @dp90amato and @wmccannon for helping out with the tweets as well as to the surprisingly large number of others who sent me ideas for their content.

After all … it takes a village to stalk a celebrity.


19 responses to “My New BFF is Alec Baldwin

  1. I am so honored to be friends with Alex’s BFF. How impressive! Actually it is like being BFF’s with Alex and God. I believe his quote with an exclamation was “I am God!”
    Congrats and don’t forget about the little people

  2. HA! Enjoy your lunch date and watch out for the paparazzi

  3. I only hope Alec isn’t crushed tomorrow when his twitter stream is so empty.
    Congrats, and well done, ODNT.

    did he tell you who his favorite brother is?

  4. HAHAHHAHA – WOW! You are now ONE Degree away from AB! LOLOL

  5. Always late to the party, but I am toasting you as I type this!!!

    This was the most fun I’ve had in a while (yeah, I lead a boring life, LMAO), but you’ve inspired me…I’m now stalking Scotty McCreery for a good cause, LOL…

  6. And for that???? I THANK you! 😉

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    • You need to show me how you do this link stuff where it shows up in my comments. And, remember, I am very, very dumb. Oh, and thanks!

      • Instead of just a link to your site, I linked to the two specific posts .
        On the dashboard > Settings >Discussions page, My top two boxes are
        – Attempt to notify any blogs linked to from the article
        – Allow link notifications from other blogs (pingbacks and trackbacks)
        I have both checked. The first generates the pingback, the second is what lets you see the pingback.

        (I think they’re checked by default.) So any link to a specific post generates the pingback, like above.

        Got it?
        (God, I’m such a nerd!)

  8. You know who’s jealous about this? ME.

    I don’t even give a shit about celebrities. I don’t know why I care but I want a response sonofabitch because I like him LOL I always show clips of his films in my classes – he’s funny as hell and good at what he does. I show them Glen Garry Glen Ross but I love the Edge. I listen to him narrate opera shows on Sundays too on NPR.

    • Most 5 year olds behave betetr than Alec Baldwin. He’s a typical arrogant Hollywood snob who thinks rules are made for other people. If I can’t play my video game, I’m going to throw a hissy-fit and scream and slam a bathroom door because I can’t get my way. He also once posted Twitter messages about a Starbucks barista he felt wasn’t serving him properly. Apparently, the entire universe has to bow to his awesomeness.Alec Baldwin is a MAJOR ASSHOLE

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  10. Hahahah “It takes a village to stalk a celebrity.” Love it. How true.

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  13. well played sir. I recently tried a similar thing with BJ Novak and failed miserably…at least it made a good blog post?

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